Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2020 Week 2

Banner image of a red card and yellow card with the caption DISCIPLINARY REPORTThe Disciplinary Committee has suspended one player and imposed a stadium ban in the aftermath of this weekend’s Jornada 2 games.

The suspension went to Pablo González of Puebla, who was sanctioned for receiving two yellow cards in the same game.

The stadium ban goes to Atlas, who will play their next home game – against Tijuana in Jornada 4 – behind closed doors in the Estadio Jalisco. The ban comes as a result of persistent discriminatory chanting from the stands, which continued despite announcements over the public address system and the referee stopping play twice during their match against Puebla.

This is the first time a team has been punished with a stadium ban under the new protocols to address the widespread homophobic chant. Introduced in October 2019, the protocol is as follows:

  • First incident: PA announcement and removal of the chanters from the stadium
  • Second incident: Game suspended for five minutes while those chanting are removed from the stadium
  • Third incident: Game suspended and players leave the field while those chanting are removed from the stadium

The protocol also states that if the chanting is done by the home team’s fans, the next home game will be played behind closed doors; if done by the away team’s fans, the team will be fined.

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