8 best breakfasts in Moscow for every taste

8 best breakfasts in Moscow for every taste

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breakfast stand

In a restaurant shovel, which opened last winter, very decent people come in the evening, and at least those who strive to become a flock for breakfast. To please the most demanding guests, dishes are prepared with a special imagination and, even being familiar to the ear, should definitely impress. The most attractive of them are “Benedicts” with various additives: homemade beef bacon (700 rubles), salmon (750 rubles) or with spinach and black caviar (1250 rubles) – the egg is hidden inside a brioche box. Even more unusual in texture are incomparably airy cheesecakes with berries and cottage cheese cakes with yuzu cord (550 rubles). The list is divided into two parts – for the lazy to choose and for the creative thinkers. And if the former can simply point a finger at the line promising to eat delicious potatoes with sausage and not think about anything, then the latter is invited to assemble dishes designed to his liking, choosing the method of cooking and ingredients that will be included in porridge, scrambled eggs or shakshouka.

Benedict with Florentine black caviar
Raspberry cheesecake
Sprinkle potatoes with sausage and green sauce

Weekdays 08:00 – 12:00, weekends 08:00 – 14:00.

breakfast game

Consider your morning order in Happy End Bar & Kitchen, you can imagine the fact that this is not just a toy, but a sex toy. After all, dishes prepared in collaboration with modern, tea-based drinks from menu creator Happy Pims look so exciting in their “rotten” cans that an inappropriate breakfast together can turn into a challenge. And what transparent bags girls rush to their offices in the Moscow spring! …but we deviate from food. To get one of the four flavors of Pims, you need to collect a set of 3-4 modes, each of which is an unusual invention of the chef Nikolai Arkhipov. For example, a pair of mochi cheesecakes are refrigerated curds and raspberries in rice dough, and a popular Japanese dessert has turned into a milf because it has an edible image of Stifler’s mom from American Pie. When you’re making a combo, there are brioche or bao burgers, sweet potato fries, and desserts to choose from. All dishes are served Happy Meal style – in brightly printed lunch boxes and on pink trays.

Brioche with mortadella and crab
Taking Happy Pims to go is really challenging
Full set of happy beams with drink, bao burger, sweet fries, drink, syrnicky and mille cake

Tuesday to Thursday 12:00 – 20:00, Friday and weekends 12:00 – 17:00. Try it soon: offer is limited until the end of May.

Breakfast at the arrow

Or rather on the balcony because the bar “Arrow” He reopens his viewing balcony. If suddenly it is cold outside, you can have breakfast at the bar. Brand chef Anton Abrizov used previous achievements, adding two new ingredients to his favorites – tartine with green peas and boiled eggs (450 rubles), as well as corn porridge with pineapple and coconut cream (450 rubles). Porridge has a completely tropical taste, reminiscent of a vacation. It should be noted that from the old you can taste grilled cheese with truffle cream (590 rubles), mashed potatoes with salmon (750 rubles) and croissants with crispy chicken and cucumber with ginger (590 rubles).

Tartini with peas and boiled eggs
Corn porridge with pineapple and coconut cream

Daily 09:00 – 22:00.

Breakfast at Patrick

There are few places where life boils in the morning like this alleys and restaurant William In the spring it is always crowded. However, if you specially book a table for breakfast, sit on the windowsill, take your favorite bread with you, or eat breakfast when everyone is already thinking of lunch, life will turn out to be simply wonderful! Only when it is time for someone to have lunch, it is better to choose the most satisfying dishes from the updated breakfast menu: Zucchini waffles with crab meat and green vegetables (1060 rubles), potato pancakes with avocado, boiled eggs and bérnese sauce (790 rubles) or croissant with turkey, pesto and mozzarella (750 rubles). And for those who eat early and like to start their day with a dessert, we recommend cheese with goji berries (450 rubles) and raspberries, tangerines or raspberry sauce to choose from, millet porridge with baked pumpkin, nuts and dried fruits (480 rubles ) or a completely self-sufficient Basque cheesecake (580 rubles).

Millet porridge with pumpkin, nuts and dried fruits
Pumpkin pancakes with green vegetables
Potato pancakes with spinach, guacamole and salmon
Cheesecake with tangerine sauce
William’s signature breakfast: Soft Bread, Spinach, Salmon, Eggs Benedict, Hummus and Butter

Daily 08:30 – 16:00.

Breakfast on top

Eat breakfast at an altitude of 5642 meters – figuratively speaking of course since the name of the restaurant Height 5642 Simply inspired by Elbrus. The location of the highest mountain peak in Europe and Russia – on the border of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia – is reflected in the character of the kitchen of the restaurant run by chef Artur Gedgafov. It embodies the original recipes of Adyghe, Kabardian, Georgian, Circassian and other national cuisines in the realities of Moscow with maximum accuracy. In the breakfast menu, try to convey the flavors and tastes of dishes that are prepared at home in the Caucasus region. wheat or corn porridge with eggs, cheese and sour cream (410 rubles), scrambled Kabardian eggs (450 rubles) from selected eggs with large yolks, cheesecakes with raspberry sauce (530 rubles) or casserole (530 rubles) from homemade cottage cheese, And, of course, fragrant pastries and cakes – everything is appetizing, satisfying and has a special accent.

Eggs Benedict with salmon and avocado
Raspberry cheesecake
Cottage cheese casserole with strawberries
bakery products

Weekend 09:00 – 12:00.

Breakfast in the area

It may seem like we’re talking about sleeping quarters – but no. Cafe Sweets klapasa Although it is located away from the center, it is within walking distance of Baumanka teeming like a beehive and the trendy Supermetal space. For students, staff and locals, this is the best place in the area, and those who have long appreciated the sweets portion come here especially from other areas. By the way, updated breakfasts can also be attributed to the theme of desire, for the sake of which it is worth moving away from the usual gastronomic destinations. They serve delicious oatmeal with homemade raspberry jam (450 rubles), croutons with shrimp, creamy whipped cheese and soft cheese (990 rubles), brioche with whipped butter, pear, quince jam and blue-grown cheese (530 rubles). For breakfast one dish is more than enough, but if you want to “catch up” with an excellent Napoleon drink or cheesecake from the pastry shop on the ground floor, no one can stop you. Our favorite: The addictive 100% buckwheat (recipe here) with Parmesan foam and truffle oil that’ll make you want to come back to Baumanskaya’s pink house over and over again.

Oatmeal with homemade raspberry jam
Shrimp toast with whipped cream and soft cheese
Whipped butter toast with pear jam and blue farm cheese
Creamy Buckwheat with Parmesan and Truffle Oil

Weekdays 09:00 – 16:00, weekends 10:00 – 16:00.

Breakfast with claws

Breakfast in the restaurant “crab” They hint that almost nothing can be done without crabs. Crab brioche with shrimp ice cream and creamy biscuit sauce (1100 rubles), crispy muffins with crab, boiled eggs and béarnaise sauce (1,150 rubles), shrimp scramble (750 rubles) – morning space for seafood lovers! But nevertheless, man does not live with one crab. Sometimes, even in such an establishment, where various crustaceans from everywhere look at you, you want bacon or cottage cheese for breakfast. Famous urban inventor Artem Martirosyan creates delicious dishes in the most everyday categories. If pancakes – then with zucchini, leeks, pike caviar, smoked sour cream (970 rubles), if cheese pancakes – then from baked cheese, with salted caramel sauce (430 rubles), if rice porridge – then Thai, on milk Coconut, with candied mango and ginger (430 rubles). White quinoa porridge with hazelnut milk, lychee, cold and shiso extract looks especially elegant and has a decent taste (670 rubles).

Crispy dough with crab, boiled eggs and bernese sauce
Pancake with zucchini, leeks, pike caviar and smoked sour cream
Baked cheesecake with salted caramel
White quinoa porridge with hazelnut milk, lychee, coleslaw and shiso extract

Daily 09:00 – 12:00.

Fahrenheit breakfast

Spring in a restaurant Fahrenheit There were breakfasts from Chef Maxim Kolpashikov. The menu is quite extensive and takes into account any wishes of the guests. As usual in the capital, European food is in harmony with oriental food, and there is a wide selection of meat and egg dishes next to healthy lifestyle modes. Meat lovers and egg lovers will appreciate all kinds of toasts and sandwiches, including the Eggburger with fried eggs, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce and Roy’s spicy sauce (490 rubles). Very understandable in the morning, but at the same time delicious toast on whole grain bread with ham and cheese, boiled eggs with mango sauce in truffle oil (750 rubles) or boiled with fresh brioche, crispy asparagus and hollandaise sauce (650 rubles ). From a vegetarian bowl, a bowl of falafel, avocado, cucumber, tomato sauce, quinoa, spinach and cilantro (750 rubles), and oatmeal cooked in coconut milk with date and walnut syrup (280 rubles) are especially good. Attempts to get out of the light “Fahrenheit”, as usual, end in failure.

Bruschetta on wholegrain bread with ham, cheese, and boiled eggs with truffle oil and mango sauce.
Poached eggs with fresh brioche, crunchy asparagus and hollandaise sauce
A bowl with falafel, avocado, cucumber, tomato sauce, quinoa, spinach and cilantro
Oatmeal with date syrup and walnuts

Daily 10:00 – 14:00.

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