A resident of Novosibirsk caught a snake breathing with intestines in Lake Moskvich.

A resident of Novosibirsk caught a snake breathing with intestines in Lake Moskvich.

Ilya Pozdnyakov, a fishing enthusiast from Novosibirsk, caught an unusual fish in Lake Moskvich. In appearance it resembles a snake; it moves not only in water but also on land, it can even breathe through its intestines.

Fisherman from Novosibirsk Ilya Pozdnyakov caught an unusual fish in Lake Moskvicho not far from the city.

It turned out that she was unfamiliar with the man և so agile and slippery that he could not even hold her with both hands.

“I caught him on a regular floating pole not far from the village of Leninskoye on Lake Moskvich. Of course, he was very surprised. “I have been fond of fishing since I was a child, but I have not seen such specimens,” the fisherman told AiF-Novosibirsk.

In the end, Pozdnyakov released the strange fish, but before that he managed to take a photo. The skilled fishermen said that Novosibirsk had caught the lodge.

“As children, they were beaten with sticks in the field when they crawled from a dry lake to others. “They can move through the dew over long distances,” explained Dmitry Trostyansky, a fishing enthusiast.

The length of the loggia can be up to 15-30 cm. If the palate does not have enough oxygen, it comes out of the water, catches air through the mouth and passes through the intestines, making a squeaking sound. There are photos on the Internet where such fish crawl on the ground like snakes.

It should be reminded that in the beginning of May, Andrey, a fisherman from Novosibirsk, caught a 10.9 kg lizard weighing more than 90 cm in the Obi Reservoir, the man said that he was lucky for the first time with such a big fish. He partially let her go, heh.


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