Appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes և main dishes, desserts

Appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes և main dishes, desserts

19. Funchosa with vegetables

And other snacks on actress Maria Surova’s channel Recipes և Tips.


26. How to make delicious vegetable broth

27. With borscht beans

28. Mushroom soup with homemade noodles

28.1. How to make homemade noodles video

29. Lean cabbage soup with sauerkraut

30. Cauliflower soup with turmeric


31. Dried mushroom soup with barley

32. Asian style lentil soup with coconut milk

33. Champignon և leek soup video

34. Pumpkin cream soup

35. Italian style tomato soup

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova

Second dishes և side dishes

36. Varenik

37. Vareniki video (dough for noodles, dumplings, dumplings without eggs)

38. Delicious oatmeal on water

39. Buckwheat with mushrooms, etc.

40. Potato cookies

41. Rustic potatoes

42. French fries

43. Zucchini cookies

44. Steam with vegetables, eggplant and potatoes

45. Plain avocado / cucumber rolls

46. ​​Basmati rice pilaf with walnuts

47. Barley with vegetables (details on how to cook delicious barley)


48. Rice with vegetables in a pan

49. Risotto with pumpkin

50. Beet cutlets with walnuts

51. Sweet rice with pumpkin

52. From Sochi rice (box)

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova


53. Mushrooms in white sauce

54. How to make delicious wheat grains (not to be confused with millet, this is a different grain)

55. How to make polenta, corn kernels

56. Pasta arabiata (pasta with spicy sauce)

57. Homemade colored tagliatelle pasta (Do not add eggs during Lent, 60 ml of water instead of the first egg և Get a wonderful fresh pasta, children like it very much)

58. Cauliflower fast, tasty և easy

59. Falafel. Meatballs from peas

For tea

During Lent, butter can be replaced with vegetable margarine in cookie dough recipes.


60. Banana in caramel

61. Cake with banana poppy seeds / video

62. Buckwheat pancakes with no milk

63. Chia coconut milk dessert

64. Dried fruits և nuts ՝ delicious և healthy / video

65. Lemon frosting for a cake or biscuit

66. Carrot cake

[117 постных рецептов — от супа до пирога (22 с рыбой)]

67. Baked apple with honey and walnuts

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova
24 167 subscribers
Cooking with children. Baked apple with honey և nuts – a healthy եղ delicious meal for everyone
February 22

68. Sand cake with fresh berries or fruits

69. Sandy apple pie with seeds


70. Plum pie

71. Oatmeal cookies

72. Chocolate cake with bananas

73. Strudel with apples

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova
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Let’s move to Austria պատրաստ make our favorite apple strudel with the kids
November 30, 2021


74. Homemade gray / white bread “brick”

75. Homemade white bread

76. Chinese unleavened cakes with green onions

77. Qutab with potatoes

77. 1. Kutabs with potatoes video

77.2. Video for potato kernel pies or dumplings

78. Lazy cabbage pie

78.1. Lazy cabbage pie / video

79. Lavash in a frying pan

80. Potato pie

81. Focaccia. Italian flat bread



82. Siabatta. Italian bread

83. Chebureks with lentils

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova
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Cooking with children. A simple recipe for lean pastry
March 10


Appetizers, salads

84. Marinated code

85. Olivier squid and avocado video

86. No gelatin fish asparagus on agar-agar

87. How to quickly clean squid?

88. How to slaughter and salt a prince?

89. Nisuaza (If you do not add eggs, you can make a lean version of this delicious salad)

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova
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Cooking with children. Nikoiz is a classic and irreplaceable dish of French cuisine
January 11


90. Canned tuna and avocado paste

91. With Satsiv fish

92. Lean version under the fur coat of baked herring vegetables

93. Seasonal salad with arugula Տ “Holiday”

94. Spicy salted mackerel


95. Fish pork

96. Pudding soup with tomatoes in its own juice

97. Canned Pink Salmon Soup / Video

98. Tom Yam in fish broth

Main dishes:

99. The smell of fried

100. Squid cutlets

101. Dumplings with pink salmon

102. Fish baked in foil

103. With spaghetti tuna (The dish is prepared very quickly and easily)

Bakery products

104. Lent pie with pink salmon and rice

Recipes և Tips – Maria Surova
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Delicious meatless pie with pink salmon and rice
January 3

105. Strudel with fish and spinach (Great dish for a festive table)


106. Homemade lemonade

107. Kvass

108. Raspberry Non-Alcoholic Hot Wine / Video

109. Smoothie with coconut milk and apple

110. Berries jelly


Homemade sauces really help during Lent. You can make any cereal or pasta, everything will be delicious with such a sauce. We make sauces during the season (August-September) when vegetables and fruits are cheap, or even get us free when they are served by the country’s neighbors.

111. Fresh tomato adjika (tomato sauce)

112. Homemade chili sauce

113. Chili Sauce Video

114. Red plum tkemali


In summer I always make jam or jam, here are my recipes, this jam never stays for next season

115. Cherry jam (with gelfix 2: 1)

116. Ranet (wild) jam

117. Apple jam (with gelfix 2: 1)

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And here is a general article: what’s when you can eat in the post.

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