Bait և Rods at Genshin Impact – Gambling

Bait և Rods at Genshin Impact – Gambling

Everything about fishing tackle in Update 2.1.

inland fishing Genshi Effect 2.1 There were also special items for this activity – fishing rods – bait. We have already described how to use them in a separate guide, but here we will look in more detail at what outfits and temptations are available to the player and how to get them.

Fishing rods at Genshin Impact և how to get them

Hacking has a level of rarity և unique properties, like a weapon. In general, you can get by with the most basic fishing rod, or the rest gives some bonuses that make the process of catching fish a little easier.

Name: Special features: How to get a?
forest fishing rod In the global search for “Explosive population growth”
Weave the winds Reduces fish resistance time. The effect only works in Mondstadt Available for fish at the Mondstadt Anglers Association
Voluntary Reduces fish resistance time. The effect only works in Li Yue Available for fish at the Li Yue Anglers Association
Narukawa Ugay Reduces fish resistance time. The effect only works on Inazuma Available for fish at Inazuma Fishermen’s Association
moon thread Reduces the time when the fish fights with increasing force while the player holds the gauge in the specified area To participate in the Moon Kingdom event (see below)

Where are the representatives of the fishermen’s association from different regions?

How to get a “Moon Floss” fishing rod

You can get it as a prize for the Moon Kingdom event. It starts on September 10, 2021 կլինի will be available until September 20. To log in you need:

  • have an adventure rank of 30;
  • get a kettle of tranquility;
  • complete the “Escape from Rito Island” quest (Inazuma’s main task);
  • Complete the Global Explosive Population Quest (which opens the door to fishing).
The event consists of 7 tasks և trainings, new fishing challenges will appear every day. A fishing rod can be purchased as a gift to complete one of them.

Guide.  Bait և rods in Genshin Impact

Bait in Genshin Impact և how to get them

Fish baits are made at the Alchemy Workbench. Each type of fish has its own bait, they will ignore the other bait. The recipe for the first of these (“Fruit Stewed”) can be obtained during the “Explosive Population Growth” World Quest. Other recipes for fish can be purchased at the Mondstadt Anglers Association.

Name: Ingredients What fish is suitable?
cook the fruit 1 sunset, 1 wheat All the smallest fish – orizii, dawn, crystal fish
Red speaker 1 blood flower, 1 poultry All pointed fish: sticks, red devil, wandering snow
false worm 1 piece of mucus, 1 piece of berry Flat “triangular” fish of medium size – butterfly fish, angel fish
fake fly 1 cherry blossom, 1 ponytail The biggest fish – sparkling fish – false dragons

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