Baking Fish for Christmas Dinner – Orthodox Magazine “Foma”

Baking Fish for Christmas Dinner – Orthodox Magazine “Foma”

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On November 28, Orthodox Christians began Christmas Lent, a time of anticipation for the bright holiday of Christ’s Christmas. We suggest starting to create a festive atmosphere right now. And the upcoming special Christmas calendar “Thomas” will help in this matter. Every day you will find a new gift from us և from our friends.

Bake fish for Christmas dinner

During the holidays, according to the monastery’s charter, it is no longer possible to eat fish, only fish was one of the main dishes of this Christmas fast. Culinary sister bloggers Angelina և Elena Give Thomas’s readers a simple և delicious fish recipe to keep for yourself or send to friends. The dish is perfect for a Christmas holiday table or any other cozy family dinner.

Delicious Dorado recipe for the holiday table

Bake fish for Christmas dinner


  • fish (2 pieces) – bass or golden head
  • olive oil
  • salt և freshly ground pepper
  • lemon
  • thyme
  • Provencal herbs

Cooking method.

  1. Thoroughly clean the fish from the scales, cut the bile և cut the fins.
  2. Wash, dry with paper towels, rub the fish with a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper and other spices.
  3. Put the lemon rings in the abdomen. You can put half a sprig of rosemary in each fish. Gently sprinkle the fish with lemon. Outside the fish, you can make 3-4 cuts on each side with a sharp knife. Insert half a lime or orange into each slice.
  4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
  5. For a side dish, you can make a vegetable mixture: bake potatoes with vegetables or cook cereals (couscous is good for fish).
Bake fish for Christmas dinner

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