Breakfast: Breakfast recipes for preschool kids – September 1, 2021

Breakfast: Breakfast recipes for preschool kids – September 1, 2021

Breakfast is the main and most important meal of the day for the growth of the body. It is he who initiates all vital processes in the body. The first meal provides the student with the so-called “fuel” to work – that is, energy throughout the school day. That is why it is so important not to skip the first meal, but also to make it balanced and healthy.

Why you shouldn’t skip breakfast before school

Scientists have long established that kids who eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before school do better academically than kids who skip it. In addition to breakfast:

  • improves concentration and attention of the student;
  • Replenishes vitamin deficiency.
  • Strengthens the heart, bones, joints and muscles.
  • Reduces the risk of obesity.
  • improves mood
  • Forms good habits and routines.

What to do if the child refuses breakfast

Most often, the child refuses breakfast before school, because he does not have time to feel hungry. There are two options for solving this problem: wake the child early (about an hour before breakfast) or make dinner in the evening lighter and not later – then the child wakes up hungry.

A cup of warm water helps the student to wake up and awaken his appetite.

What do you cook for a student for breakfast? fast and delicious
  1. Oatmeal with banana and chocolate paste. Cook oatmeal in milk, cut bananas into rings, add 1 teaspoon of chocolate paste.
  2. Lazy oatmeal in a jar with nuts and fruits. Pour oatmeal with drinking yogurt or fermented milk – mix and add fruits and nuts. Close the lid and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Omelette with ham, tomato and whole grain bread. Beat eggs with milk, add minced pork and tomatoes. Cook over low heat covered.
  4. Cottage cheese with fruits and a sandwich with butter and cheese.
  5. Lavash wrappers with ham and cheese. cut pita bread Strips 10 cm wide, put the filling (grated cheese, ham) on the edge of the pita bread. Triangle a few laps. Dip in eggs and fry on both sides over medium heat.
  6. Scrambled eggs in lavash. Fry the egg as usual. Cut the lavash into a rectangle and grease it with curd cheese. Put a fried egg and a few thin slices of hard cheese on top. Roll the pita bread on all sides to the middle and fry in a dry frying pan on both sides.
  7. Milk granola. To prepare granola, you need to mix oatmeal with dried fruits, nuts and honey and put in the oven at 130-150 degrees for 40 minutes. During cooking, the mixture must be constantly stirred. Pour ready-made granola with classic yogurt. Fruit can be added if desired.
  8. Banana pancakes and oatmeal. Mash a banana with a fork, add 1 egg, 50 ml of milk, 8 tbsp. l oatmeal and 1 tbsp. l.vegetable oil – beat with a paddle attachment and fry on both sides in a dry frying pan. Serve it with berries or fruits.
  9. Lazy dumplings with cherries. Mash 180 grams of cheese with a fork, add 1 egg, a pinch of vanilla and 2 tbsp. to. the desert. We add 100 grams of flour and knead the dough. Form a sausage and cut it into 8-9 equal parts. Roll a berry in each part of the dough, roll an even ball and roll it in flour. Put the dumplings in boiling, salted water and cook over medium heat for exactly 4 minutes after the dumplings rise to the surface. Strain the water and serve with sour cream or condensed milk.
  10. Avocado toast with boiled eggs. Toast wholegrain bread on both sides in a dry frying pan or toaster. Grease it with curd cheese, put chopped avocado on top. In salted boiling water, make a funnel using circular motions with a spoon or whisk: break an egg into the funnel and cook for 2-3 minutes. Place the boiled egg on the avocado toast, and season with salt and pepper.

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