Breakfast for every taste in 3-5 minutes and preparations for the week

In the life of modern man, time is perhaps the most valuable and finite resource. It is he that most of us constantly lack, especially in the morning. Lack of time makes many sometimes refuse even breakfast, although experts call this meal the most important of the day. According to scientists, those who have time to eat in the morning do not stay in shape for much longer, but if they are overweight, they are more likely to get rid of it.

Smoothies: breakfast in a cup in five minutes

Smoothies are a real panacea for those who don’t have time. After all, nothing is easier than whipping a few ingredients in a blender. In addition, you can always take breakfast with you. There is no need to talk about the benefits of properly prepared juice. This drink preserves all the vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruits, helps maintain harmony and immunity, and if there are foods that contain dietary fiber and fiber, it will not leave a heaviness in the stomach.

This smoothie recipe can be called a balanced energy bomb. Mango and banana will provide the necessary amount of carbohydrates for the brain to function, yogurt will provide the body with the necessary proteins, and the seeds will supplement breakfast with the necessary amount of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


– ripe mango – 1 pc.;

– banana – 1 pc.;

– drink or low-fat yogurt – 150 g;

Turmeric – 1 coffee. for ;

– ground black pepper – one pinch;

Peanut or almond butter – 1 tbsp. for ;

Half a lemon zest.

Chia seeds – 1 tbsp. for ;

– Raspberry and strawberry – as desired.

While all of the ingredients in a blender are sufficient to make most smoothies, there is one exception to this recipe. You need to beat everything except chia seeds and berries. If it is necessary to add the first to the dish at the last moment, then the berries will serve as a decoration at all.

Green juice for vegetarians

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This breakfast is ideal not only for those who completely abandoned animal products, but also for those who carefully follow the model. Depending on the texture, this smoothie can be served as a drink or as a refreshing summer dessert in a bowl.


– ripe kiwi – 1 pc.;

– banana – 1 pc.;

– pineapple – 1 ring;

Oatmeal – 1 tbsp. for ;

– arugula – one handful;

soy or oat milk;

– chia, poppy or sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon;

– Strawberry or cherry – for decoration.

In order not to waste time in the morning and immediately enjoy a cold drink, kiwis and bananas can be peeled and put in the freezer the night before. In the morning, you will need to whip all the ingredients in a blender, gradually adding milk until the drink reaches the desired consistency.

Gluten Free for Athletes

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This juice is ideal for those following a gluten-free diet. Its simple recipe contains only 390 calories. The drink consists of 34% carbohydrates, 55% fat and 11% protein. It contains a large amount of potassium, which means that the recipe for this juice will be an ideal recovery tool for athletes after exercise.


– coconut milk – 100 ml;

Coconut flakes – 3 tbsp. for ;

– almonds – 20 g;

– Pineapple – 3 rings.

– Cherry and strawberry – 3 pieces per serving (for garnish).

The main ingredient in this dish is pineapple, so the slices must be cooled before cooking to make the drink refreshing.

Preparations for the week

Despite the fact that many of us ate oatmeal in childhood, these recipes will really change your understanding of not only oatmeal itself, but also how it is prepared. It turns out that oatmeal should not be cooked at all. The main thing is to use only whole grains in the recipe.

frozen oatmeal porridge

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Ingredients for five days:

– oatmeal – 300 g;

– oat or soy milk – 500 ml;

– banana – 2 pcs.;

– honey – 1 tbsp. for ;

Aloe vera syrup – 1 tbsp. for ;

– sugar or sweetener – to taste;

Favorite jam – 1 tbsp. for ;

– nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, flax or chia seeds – 1 tbsp. to. for each part

Coconut flakes – 1 tbsp. to. For every meal;

– dried fruits (figs, dates, dried apricots or raisins) – 50 g;

cocoa powder – to taste;

– spices (for example, cinnamon) – to taste;

Peanut butter – 1 tbsp. for ;

Fruits and berries (according to preferences) – 300 g.

The secret to preparing such breakfast for the week is as simple as possible. Breakfast containers – they can be jars or food containers – fill one third with oatmeal. Then we add the sweetener. To do this, you can use both regular sugar and sweeteners, be it agave syrup, stevia or honey. This is followed by bananas and pre-mashed cereal. The latter can easily be replaced with crushed nuts. Add spices or cocoa powder to each jar – depending on preference. Finally, the remaining one-third of the container is filled with fruits or berries. It can be apples with cinnamon, figs or frozen berries. Fitness enthusiasts can also add protein powder. It perfectly balances with breakfast and prolongs the feeling of satiety. After filling the containers, they must be poured with warm milk, mix the contents well, close the dishes and put in the refrigerator.

Oatmeal pancakes with carrots

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There are a lot of options for pies. However, most of them are far from the ideals of a healthy breakfast. This recipe will undoubtedly become one of the favorites in every kitchen. After trying these pancakes, you will be amazed at how fast and delicious their healthy breakfast is!


– egg – 1 pc.;

– grated carrots – 50 g;

– regular or vegetable milk – 30 g;

– oatmeal – 50 g;

– quick yeast – 2 g (1/2 teaspoon);

– ground cinnamon – to taste;

– liquid sweetener – to taste;

– a pinch of salt;

– vegetable oil – 10 ml.

Beat eggs in a bowl and add grated carrots. If you want the dough to be more tender, you can add an extra egg white. In the resulting mixture add oatmeal, yeast, salt and cinnamon to taste. To make pancakes sweeter, you can add a few drops of liquid sweetener to the dough. The resulting mass must be fried in a hot frying pan, like any other pancakes. It will take no more than 15 minutes to prepare this dish, but the result will exceed any expectations. You can serve such a dish on the table with maple syrup or honey, sprinkled with walnuts.

mediterranean breakfast the secrets of longevity

Mediterranean breakfast recipes are a great addition to refreshing breakfast smoothies. Easy to prepare, it is rightfully considered the secret of health and longevity for the inhabitants of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Spain: Bread, tomatoes and butter for breakfast

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All you need is toast, tomatoes, and well-fried olive oil for a perfect Spanish breakfast. Interestingly, depending on the region, its recipe may vary. The most popular – among the majority of Spaniards and tourists – was the Catalan version. There, croutons are rubbed with tomatoes and garlic, while in other regions of the country it is customary to put grated tomatoes on bread. In addition, the classic Catalan breakfast cannot do without jamon, this tradition comes from the province of Huelva, where the main factory of the elite jamon is located – the municipality of Jabogo.

Italy: breakfast with ricotta and fruits

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Another classic Mediterranean breakfast from Italy is based on just two simple ingredients: ricotta and fruit. Despite the fact that Italian cuisine is famous for its pasta and pastries, Italians prefer simple things for breakfast.

For a classic breakfast, you need to mash this soft cheese and add your favorite fruits. Groups can be very different. For example, ricotta pairs wonderfully with peaches, cherries and blackberries. Sweet lovers can add sliced ​​bananas, mint and cane sugar to the ricotta.


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