Breakfast recipe, what to cook for breakfast – May 17, 2021

Breakfast recipe, what to cook for breakfast – May 17, 2021

It’s no secret that breakfast is the main meal of the day. It starts the digestive processes, gives us energy and mood for the whole day. It is important not only to skip breakfast, but also to learn to choose the right products so that the first meal is nutritious and balanced. We tell you how to do it.

Healthy breakfast essentials

Breakfast should contain all the necessary trace elements: complex carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber.

  • Complex carbohydrates are found in whole-grain cereals, pasta, and bread.
  • Protein – in cheese, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, caviar, etc.
  • Healthy fats are found in olive oil, avocado, nuts, and fish.
  • Fiber – in berries, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals.

The body needs all these trace elements, so eating only oatmeal or only scrambled eggs for breakfast is wrong. To prepare a balanced breakfast, you need to add nuts (fats) and fruits / berries (fiber) to porridge (which are complex carbohydrates), as well as eat a small portion of cheese or yogurt (protein).

If you’re making an omelette for breakfast (it’s protein), don’t forget to add some fresh greens (fiber), a sandwich from whole grain bread (complex carbs), and avocado (fat) to your plate.

breakfast recipes

Oat pie with arugula and lightly salted salmon

Oatmeal pancake is the leader in the PP breakfast menu: it is tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. You can experiment with fillings, the most famous of which are: tomato + cheese, cheese curd + salted fish, nut paste + banana.

Ingredients per serving

for the test
1. egg – 1 pc.
2. Kefir or fermented milk – 70 ml
3. Oatmeal – 5 tablespoons. to
4. Olive oil – 1 tbsp. to
5. A little soda
6. Pinch of salt

to fill
1. Lightly salted salmon -70g
2. Arugula – 25 g
3. Cottage cheese – 2 tbsp. to

1. Shake eggs with salt, then add kefir, soda, flour and butter. Mix until smooth.
2. Put the resulting dough in a preheated pan, fry on both sides for 2 minutes (under the lid, over low heat).
3. Grease half of the oatmeal with curd cheese, put the fish and watercress. Bend it in half.

French omelette with tomatoes and cheese

The omelette according to this recipe is soft and airy. Also, like oatmeal, it can be cooked with various fillings.


1. Eggs – 2 pieces
2. Pinch of salt

to fill
1. Tomato – 1 pc.
2. Cheese – 30 g
3. Greens

1. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Add a pinch of salt to the yolks and mix.
2. The whites are also salted and beat with a mixer until they reach strong peaks.
3. Combine the yolks with the whipped whites and mix with a spoon by hand.
4. Put the resulting mass on a hot frying pan and cover it with a lid for a few minutes.
5. Add grated cheese and finely chopped greens. Cover the mixture again and cook for a few more minutes.
6. Place the thinly sliced ​​tomatoes on half of the omelette and fold them in half.
7. Serve hot with a slice of wholegrain bread.

Oatmeal with bananas, nuts and flaxseeds

A great recipe for those who don’t have much time in the morning to prepare breakfast. Lazy oatmeal is prepared in the evening – in the morning you just need to take it out of the refrigerator.

Ingredients per serving

1. Oat flakes (not instant) – 60 g
2. Ryazenka – 250 ml
3. Banana – 1 pc.
4. Nuts – 1 tbsp. to
5. Flax seeds – 1 teaspoon


1. In the bottom of a jar or food bowl, pour the oatmeal, nuts and flax seeds.
2. Add the fermented milk and mix. Put it in the fridge overnight.
3. In the morning, add a sliced ​​banana and serve.

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