Cheese soup with champignons and chicken – recipe

Cheese soup with champignons and chicken – recipe

after: Famous food blogger Lyudmila Borsch shared a quick miracle soup recipe, the famous culinary Telegram channel “Culinary Tricks” published a recipe for mushroom cheese soup.

“Cheese-based soups have a delicate creamy texture. This mushroom soup has an unsurpassed taste, so this is a great option for the “first” says on the channel.


Mushrooms – 450 gr
• Smoked chicken – 300 g
• Melted cheese – 200 g
Cherry – 200 gr
• Garlic – 2-3 seconds
• Parsley, cilantro
• Salt and pepper


1. Boil water (or make broth) ն throw mushrooms in it. Boil for 20 minutes, not forgetting to remove the foam.
2. Add the sliced ​​chicken and cheese. Help melt the cheese by mixing.
3. Add tomatoes, garlic and cook for 5 minutes.
4. Add the greens. Season with salt and pepper, bring to a boil.

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