DIY bait for jars – the best ways

DIY bait for jars – the best ways

Experts say that the carp is a fish that easily gets used to one feeding place և, of course, it is only in the hands of the fisherman.

A lot depends on the reservoir.

  • There is only pots in the reservoir (this happens in paid reservoirs, where the fish are artificially inhabited).
  • Ordinary lakes, on which, besides the carp, live other fish.

If only cross

If there are no other fish, there is no need to worry that other fish will come to bait.

Mix bread crumbs, fermented yogurt, preferably mole soil. This is the soil that the mole brought to the surface, creating its underground passages. It can be found in fields, forests, open spaces, on dirt roads (this soil is very clean, without seeds, roots, worms, larvae, etc.).

Sour dairy products will cause an excessive appetite in the jar, երկիր the land of moles does not allow it to be satisfied immediately. The mixture of such bait is formed into balls and thrown directly into the fishing spot.

But if there are other fish in the ponds, such bait will not work, as it will attract other small fish.

If there are other fish in the pond

Other baits on ordinary lakes should be used with large grains (corn, pearl barley, hercules)

For small things, this bait will be too hard, while we will bait a bigger jar on it.

The bait recipe for such conditions.

  • part of Hercules;
  • part of breadcrumbs;
  • Part of the earth from moles.

All this is mixed մի formed into a kind of ball to throw into the water. Such a bait should be moistened when forming balls. This is necessary so that the ball does not sink into the pieces quickly when thrown.

It takes about two hours for the bait to moisten well and swell properly.

How to properly feed the pot

Mass feeding of fish is done before fishing. About 7-8 balls are thrown at the place where you are going to fish. Make 5 balls so that they break when they touch the water, and 3 balls when they touch the bottom of the reservoir.

The next feeding can be done not earlier than 5 hours.


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