Dolgan Vera Eremina, 24, works as a bailiff in Khatanga

Dolgan Vera Eremina, 24, works as a bailiff in Khatanga

# NORILSK. Taimyr Telegraph – Vera Eremina, a Russian-born girl with Russian roots, works as a bailiff in Khatanga. The employees of the department take care of the culture of their peoples, preserve և respect the traditions of their ancestors..

In total, there are more than 150 nationalities living in our region, including representatives of the indigenous peoples of the north: the Dolgans, the Evans, the Nenets, the Yakuts, the Kets, the Ghanaians, and the Seljuks.

The Dolgans are the largest group of indigenous peoples in the Arctic. Most of them now live in the eastern part of the municipality of Taimir.

According to the Krasnoyarsk Territory GU FSSP, 24-year-old Vera Eremina prepares documents, which are based on the work of bailiffs. His family leads a modern lifestyle, but with his relatives he continues to follow some Dolgan traditions, celebrating local holidays.

Fish is one of the main products here, it is fried, baked and cooked, and some species eat it raw or frozen. According to Vera Nikolana’s colleagues, the favorite recipe of the Eremin family is smoked fish, which is prepared by her mother.

One of the most beloved and revered holidays in Taimir is Fishermen’s Day, which is celebrated on July 10. This event is celebrated on a much-anticipated և large scale. Locals organize competitions to catch fish and make fish soup.

“The main food of the northerners is venison. In ancient times, the Dolgans always gave their wild venison and fish to relatives and neighbors. “Vera remembers that her father always shared the first booty with the elderly, single women and children,” say Vera Eremina’s colleagues.

Dolgan is one of the traditional women’s crafts of embroidery. Many generations ago, girls were taught from an early age to wear leather, sew and embroider. This field has not lost its relevance. Today Vera Nicola’s mother and sister make Dolgan souvenirs, sew modern Dolgan gardens և shoes.

Earlier, National Geographic magazine reported on Taimir’s life. “TT” also wrote that the indigenous peoples of the north will help to study the processes of global warming.

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Angelica Stepanova

Photo: Vera Eremina’s personal archive

May 19, 2022

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