From fish և beer to cherries և chocolate.  ready program for gastronomic weekends in Samara

From fish և beer to cherries և chocolate. ready program for gastronomic weekends in Samara

Gourmets traveling to Russia have long included Samara in their hit parades. Have you not yet plunged into the world of attractive flavors of this Volga city? It’s a good: convenient way to make it cheap to go Gastronomic tour “Delicious food in Samara”where you can meet with history Samara through: local cuisine.


During your trip to Samara you get impressions of everything ուր everywhere: the surrounding landscapes, the friendly locals, the unusual architecture իհարկե, of course, the food.

Due to its diversity, the Russian cuisine of the Volga can turn a trip into an event of taste. For those who want to witness it in Samara, a two-day interesting gastronomic excursion “We are going to taste delicious in Samara” has been created, which has won the “Best Gastronomic Route” nomination of the All-Russian tourist at the Grand Prix. Award “Route of the Year 2020”.

This is a really interesting program that gives tourists the opportunity to get new impressions, experiences, based on the history and culture of the city, to get acquainted with its traditional cuisine.

The trip, in addition to the educational part, includes tasting of food and drinks, as well as master classes of local specialties.

You will not taste more delicious Zhigulskoye than the one cooked in his homeland. And you can taste the most delicious Shiryaevo cherry pie exclusively in Samara and its surroundings.

There will be crayfish according to the chef’s recipe, a real “Volga” fish soup in one of the famous restaurants ալի cherry paste, cooked based on a recipe of the late 19th century. Therefore, the “Delicious Samara Walk” tour is a great way to spend an informative, exciting and very tasty weekend.


The tour program starts on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday evening.

The guide meets the tourists at the train station. You can arrive in Moscow-Samara by comfortable brand train No. 50, departing at 17:50 ժամ Arrival in Samara at 09:47 or No. 10 departing from Moscow at 20:08 ան Arriving in Samara at 10:11. The Samara-Moscow trains No. 49 և 09 are operating. And the acquaintance with the city starts, of course, not from the hotel, but from the railway station, the highest station in Europe.

The cost of the tour without the road – 14 350 rubles. for one person. Tourists are accommodated in comfortable rooms at 7 Avenue Hotel & Spa 5 *, and the windows offer a view of the Volga-Zhigul Mountains. The hotel has a restaurant, a 25-meter swimming pool, a spa complex, a private beach.


Chipolucho’s delicious Sophie and Anabel pastries have the most incomparable desserts in town.

The confectioner says that while creating them he was inspired by Russian-French nature. Therefore, each dessert tells the tourists about the harmony of tastes, the balance of textures and shades. While eating dessert, the author of the “Red Riding Hood” culinary masterpiece will appear among the participants of the “Tasteful walk in the style of Samara” tour, will reveal the secret of its preparation.

Tourists will have to discover the secret of Samara’s taste during a light city tour, which is not accidentally called “Samara Taste Collection”.

While walking in the historic center of the city, tourists will not only be able to admire the panorama of the Volga coast, learn how the city developed, built, but also hear interesting stories about how the Volga cuisine was formed, where the first taverns were opened.

After this walk, each participant will be able to easily answer such difficult questions as: What about the Samaritan scientists? ‘


Another notion will come to the legendary Na Dne bar: beer and Samara are not only compatible, but inseparable. Eventually, at the Alfred von Wakano factory in Samara, the world-famous sparkling beverage, the Zhigulskoye beer, was born.

During the tasting you will learn the fascinating story of the founder of “Zhiguli” brewery, you will learn to distinguish the four best beer aromas, sour taste and malt flavor.

Instead of beer, young guests will be offered lemonades made from natural ingredients with original Soviet recipes.


Another gastronomic star of Samara is the fish, many different fish. Almost every family of real Volga has its own recipe for delicious fish soup.

At Pasternak restaurant, tourists will have the opportunity not only to appreciate the taste of real Volga fish soup made by the chef of the restaurant, but also to learn the secrets of its preparation from his mouth. They will serve Orly’s delicate Volga pirk perch, brewed with crispy dough at Zhiguli beer.

Samara Dam և Wishes

After lunch – a walk along the famous Samara coast, which stretches for almost five kilometers along the Volga. It captivates with its elegance, the beauty of the sunset, the incomparable sandy beach, which is located, by the way, right in the very center of the city. You will not find this in any other region of the Volga.

Walking along the mound, you can wish for a sculpture of comrade Sukhov, or even win a prize by correctly answering the gastronomic quiz prepared by the guide.


More, more. Each participant of the “Tasty Walk in Samara” tour will be able to travel through time, to try themselves in the role of heroes of paintings by famous artists. It will take place at the Samara Regional Museum of Art within the framework of the “Museum with Taste” excursion program.

The guests will look at Russian art from a culinary point of view, will penetrate the gastronomic secrets of famous paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries, and will even try to become the heroes of the paintings with the help of a costume show.

The full day excursion will end in the evening of Russian cuisine at the Russian restaurant Hunt.

The guests here will be cherished in the true sense of the word. Oven ham stewed in the oven will be served to the Volga crayfish seasoned with spices according to the chef’s recipe. He will also hold a master class on crayfish cutting.


Breakfast will be served at the hotel by branded cakes with juicy cherry-sky cherry. This is a special kind of cherry, which was bred in the 1930s by local amateur breeder Alexei Beshch.

It is an interesting fact that nowhere except in the village of Shiryao, this variety of sweet cherry takes root. The Zhiguli Cherry Festival has been held in the village since 2007.

After breakfast, a souvenir shop will be organized in the lobby of the hotel, especially for the participants of the “Tasty walk in the style of Samara”.


“Samara is just space,” many tourists will surely say after tasting cherry pies and buying souvenirs. And yes, they will be right in every sense of the word.

During the tour, guests will learn why Samara is called the capital of the rocket and space industry in Russia. Tourists will have the opportunity to see a real Soyuz launch vehicle, discover the secrets of space food, and even buy “space tubes” as a souvenir.


Samara is the birthplace of chocolate. Travelers will be told the interesting story of the emergence of the Rossiya chocolate factory in the city և will reveal the secrets of the company U Palycha, known throughout Russia.

There will be fascinating stories about the first Samara Kumis clinic in the world, NV Postnikov մասին about the healing power of kumis, nectars from Volzhsky Posad juices, Samara bakery և confectionery և’s cake book about Russian records.

Many gastronomic delights that the guide will talk about, of course, it will be possible to buy.

On the morning of the second day, tourists will go to Agropark, where they can try to buy delicious agricultural products – home-made cheeses, honey from Samara beehives, cherry paste based on an old recipe from the late 19th century. And, of course, the dried fish of the Volga.


Tourists with bags full of delicacies will be transported to the most beautiful viewing platform on the shores of the Volga, from where the magnificent views of the suburbs of Samara, the slope of the Volga and the islands open.

On the second day of the day, “cherry” breakfast, travelers will be told about the “Cizran tomato”, “Fish: crayfish”, “My fish”, “Utski skitsaghik” gastronomic festivals, about the folk festival. “Zhigul’s cherry” traditions will reveal the secret of folk songs “Snow-white cherry blossomed under the window”.

The author’s dessert will be served for breakfast with the juicy cherry of the chef of “Sky Village” private house, homemade lemonade with the taste of “Zhiguli” cherries with citrus notes of red orange. Tourists will enjoy the taste of the natural beauty of the Volga.


But in about an hour tourists will be waiting for a meal full of different flavors.

Predicting the questions, we will answer in the words of the tour organizers. The “Delicious Samara style walk” tour is healthy because all the dishes are low in calories and easy to digest. And together with the fresh air, the walks, the change of scenery, the positive emotions, they guarantee the tourists energy, harmony and vitality. ”


Lunch Mr. Hudson, as mentioned in the program, will be a holiday. The restaurant will surprise you not only with its samara hospitality, author’s cuisine, but also with a truly aristocratic atmosphere.

A question may arise. “What has Samaran կապ English restaurant got to do with it?” In fact, there is a connection. Back in the 18th century, England had a monopoly on the export of durum wheat flour from the Samara region. And the cookies baked from this flour were taken to the court of Elizabeth I.

For dinner, a classic dish of Volga cuisine will be served, “for a special occasion”, which is made from beef tenderloin baked in a puff pastry with mushroom pate.

There will also be a festive, original and incredibly delicious dessert by the restaurant pastry chef.

After dinner, the guide will say goodbye to the tourists, holding a small quiz with prizes, revealing the gastronomic leader of the Samara flavors collection. It is customary to return from trips with souvenirs in memory of the trip. This is a tradition of Samara hospitality, remind the organizers of the “Delicious walk in Samara” tour.


Samaraintour company 8 (846) 300-45-00

Alexandra Polyanskaya

The photos were provided by the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture of Samara Region


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