Great breakfast: a selection of the best recipes from Burning Hut

We’ve put together a selection of all the breakfast recipes we’ve been collecting over the past year. Carefully selected and checked by our author Dasha Polishikova. Even novice chefs can cook these dishes. Breakfast will turn from a routine into a gastronomic adventure.

8 egg dishes for those who are tired of the usual scrambled eggs

Eggs contain the main groups of vitamins and trace elements. This is a quick, simple and very healthy breakfast. It turns out to be rather high-calorie, but satisfying. The main thing is to allow yourself to show imagination. Just for this, try different ways to cook eggs for those who are tired of the usual scrambled eggs. We prepared Shakshouka, madam crouk and hard boiled eggs.

6 recipes to finally fall in love with oatmeal

Oatmeal recipes

For many, oatmeal seems like a boring breakfast for people who are forced to go on a diet. But even this ordinary porridge can be turned into a dish that will satisfy the most sensitive eaters. We’ve rounded up six delicious oatmeal breakfast recipes for the whole family. We made oatmeal pancakes and mixed porridge with chocolate, nut butter, and fruit, and even added cheese to our oatmeal (which was a great fix).

5 sandwich recipes: simple, delicious and luxurious

Breakfast recipes: simple, delicious and luxurious sandwiches

Sandwiches are suitable for a hearty breakfast, for a quick snack, and even for a festive table. And it seems that there is nothing to be invented here: put what in the refrigerator, and go ahead. But you can mix a loaf with many fun things. We have collected simple recipes for unusual sandwiches with avocado, cheese, eggs and even with pears.

6 Easy Sunday Breakfast Recipes

Easy recipes for breakfast and lunch

Weekends are a long-awaited time when you can’t rush anywhere in the morning. Lie in bed, do the exercises and enjoy an unusual dish. We chose fun recipes for breakfast, which even a novice chef can handle. We’ve got cheese biscuits, chocolate cheesecake and festive oatmeal.

Pancakes, hash browns and pancakes in half an hour. 5 quick recipes

Pancakes, hash browns and pancakes in half an hour.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time cooking pink pancakes, thin openwork pancakes or airy pancakes. We have collected five quick recipes for those who do not like to stand on the stove, but want something really tasty. We’ve got pumpkin and cinnamon pancakes and French custard pancakes in this selection.

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