Healthy pastry with a northern scent – Soviet Arctic

Healthy pastry with a northern scent – Soviet Arctic

The taste of tundra in pies և buns from fresh baker. It is already the fifth year that Victoria Perfilia produces fragrant and delicious products from local raw materials with original recipes.

Tazovchanka Svetlana Lamdo is a regular customer of Lakomka Bakery. He lives in the neighborhood and confesses that he can not pass by the smell of fresh pastries. Today there are more than 20 products on display, but the local woman knows exactly what she is going to buy for tea.

Favorite products: venison pies with lingonberries. And now I have bought the same pancakes, I like the northern berry, if there were blueberry’s cloudy buns, I would buy them too. I do not like to cook, I do not have time, so such a bakery nearby is ideal, – confesses the fresh woman.

A bakery appeared on Novaya Street in Tazovsky relatively recently, at the end of 2020. The bakery business itself started two years ago. In 2018, Victoria Perfil decided that the baking place was practically not occupied by the market of goods, services, and then the idea of ​​making healthy pies, cookies with local fish, meat and wild plant fillings.

– For the first time I worked by order, at home. But I wanted to open a bakery and make pastries with northern fillings. The first were fish and venison pies, as well as berry buns and pies. So, in 2019, I applied for a grant for start-up entrepreneurs and won 500 thousand rubles. These funds were enough for the most basic equipment: an oven որի a towel to buy the missing ones, he invested his funds վերց took a loan. For a long time I was looking for a comfortable room, I wanted a place with a large number of people, but the rent was higher there, so I agreed to this room. And at the end of 2020, my dream came true: I opened my own bakery, – says private entrepreneur Victoria Perfilieva.

Victoria started with a small assortment, gradually the staff reached 3 people, the assortment also expanded. Now you can buy more than 20 types of sweets here: muffins, cookies, baked sausages, all kinds of cookies. But local pies are still the most popular. The business woman came up with the recipe for filling the dough with the help of the culinary courses, the traditional trial and error method of the “baker” profession.

The volumes are small so that the product does not lie on the shelves. As Victoria says, the basic rule is a little better, but fresher. The local bakers start working at 5 in the morning, so fresh pastries come out of the counter when the bakery opens.

– Sometimes I had to work for days if I received large orders from shops or individuals. And so, on average, we make 200-250 products a day, before the holidays – 300-400 products. For venison pies we use minced meat of Tazovsky SPK, we buy about 100 kg per month. We take fish from local fishermen, our customers love fish pies. The berries are also mainly bought from the locals. We bake bread, but it is very little, even ordinary customers are not always satisfied. We do not have enough equipment to bake a large amount of bread. Although there are ideas – says the business woman.

For now, Lakomka bakery is in a rented building, but Victoria Perfilևa dreams that sooner or later she will build her own mini-oven. The start has already been made: the entrepreneur has a plot of land, in the future – the purchase of new equipment of a modular building, which will significantly expand the range of products. After all, Victoria’s main dream is to make not only delicious, but also healthy pastries from oatmeal, rice flour, as well as whole grain cereals, dried fruits, and honey bread.

Author: Olga Romakh
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