How to cook delicious minced meat with Belkovich’s recipe

How to cook delicious minced meat with Belkovich’s recipe

The chief cook of STS took 57 rubles for one serving.

Snack in 15 minutes.  minced red fish from Belkovich
Fishmeat from red fish. Photo: STS


  • Hot smoked pink salmon 120 g (104 rubles)
  • 3 eggs. (30 rubles)
  • Butter 70 g (54 rubles)
  • Melted cheese 1 tbsp. spoon with slide (13 rubles)
  • Marinated cucumber 3.5 pieces. (51 rubles)
  • 6 pieces of rye bread (61 rubles)

For the presentation.

  • Grain mustard 20 g (10 rubles)
  • Radish 50 g (15 rubles)
  • Green onion 1 feather (3 p.)

Total: 6 doses = 341 rubles, 1 serving = 57 p.


3 pre-boiled, peeled eggs are sent to the bowl, crushed with a fork.

We send a piece of butter to the eggs and knead it with a fork.

Photo: STS

Cook’s tip. “Butter should not be too soft to preserve the texture of minced meat.”

Add 1 tbsp. Mix a spoonful of melted cheese.

Photo: STS

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Send it to the eggs and mix.

Marinated cucumber (1.5 pieces) Cut into small cubes և send minced meat, mix.

Photo: STS


Rub the minced meat on the pieces of bread, decorate with thin slices of pickle, radish, a small amount of mustard grain, green onion rings.

Photo: STS

Bon Appetit!

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