How to make fruit soup, fruit soup recipes, how dangerous fruit soup can be

How to make fruit soup, fruit soup recipes, how dangerous fruit soup can be

Why are fruit soups dangerous and how to cook them properly?

Fruit soup recipes

Such a dish seems to fit perfectly in PP. But you should not abuse it, we tell you why.

How to make fruit soup? And how can it be dangerous?

Let’s talk to a nutritionist.

Until the season of juicy fruits և ripe berries is over, կա there is a large selection of nature gifts on the shelves, try fruit soup, an unusual dish rich in vitamins. But in order not to turn the elegance into extra kilograms, you need to know how to cook it properly.

<a href="">Lydia Kvashnina</a>” title=”<a href="">Lydia Kvashnina</a>“/>:</p></div>
<p class=The main ingredient of this soup is fruits, and the main ingredient of the fruit is fructose, which is 2-3 times sweeter than glucose.

During evolution, the body did not process fructose, so it enters the liver completely. The rest of the cells are not able to absorb this substance directly. Therefore, from 120 kcal fructose to 40 kcal is stored in the form of fat, which is a lot.


  • Increases cholesterol և uric acid levels, which can lead to gout;
  • can lead to insulin resistance, which is associated with the development of obesity, cardiovascular disease and oncology.
  • Produces glycation – “sugaring” of protein molecules, which can cause cataracts, wrinkles, increase the risk of cancer.

It is preferable to eat vegetables, fruits and berries, in which:

  • Glucose և fructose content is low or their ratio is 1: 1 – pineapple, blueberry, peach;
  • Glucose content exceeds fructose: pumpkin, apricot, mandarin, orange, plum, cherry, strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry.

Care should be taken to eat fruits և berries in a ratio of 3 to 1 և 2 to 1 և 2 fructose-glucose: pears, apples, raisins, watermelon, melon, banana, persimmon, grapes.

Lydia. Therefore, if you decide to diversify your diet with fruit soup, let it be a dessert, not a main course իհարկե, of course, not a snack. You can add leafy greens (spinach, sorrel, rhubarb), fiber, seeds և nuts, as well as vegetable milk.

Melon soup with raspberries

You will need:

small ripe melon – 1 piece;
mineral water – 0.5 cups;
ripe raspberries – ~ 10 pcs.

Those who want to refresh and recharge their batteries will like a very simple recipe made from juicy, sweet melon with fragrant, extremely healthy raspberries. To make this soup, cut a little ripe melon into quarters. Remove the fibrous part երը seeds from the quarters, and process the core in a blender, adding half a glass of mineral water. Then pour the soup into a bowl and keep it in the refrigerator. Then choose 10 very ripe raspberries, mash them in a bowl and add them to the soup. Ready.

Mango soup with mint

You will need:

ripe mango – 1 piece;
mint branch – 1 piece;
some mineral water.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Take about a quarter of a mango and cut it into small cubes. Place the cubes in a glass. Then rinse one branch of fresh mint. Coarsely chop the mango և mango residue և, if desired, process with mineral water in a blender. After pouring the mixture into a deep plate, add the mango cubes and put a sprig of mint on it.

Pineapple okroshka

You will need:

medium baked potatoes – 1 piece;
radishes – 4 pieces;
medium cucumber – 2 pieces;
boiled chicken breast – 100 g;
greens (cilantro, parsley, dill, green onions);
pineapple kvass – 500 ml;
salt, pepper, horseradish, mustard to taste.

Okroshka is a well-known dish, but not everyone knows that it can be cooked with pineapple kvass. To do this, cut the potatoes, radishes and cucumbers into cubes. Divide the chicken breast into fibers and chop the greens. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add kvass, salt and pepper, add horseradish, mustard to taste. Finish with yogurt or sour cream (can be substituted as an alternative to vegetable origin).

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