How to prepare an apostille in 2022 on the documents for moving abroad in St. Petersburg – City – Saint Petersburg News

How to prepare an apostille in 2022 on the documents for moving abroad in St. Petersburg – City – Saint Petersburg News

There was an urgent demand for apostilization of documents in St. Petersburg. Special seals on birth or marriage certificates are required for those traveling abroad.

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The people of St. Petersburg started to prepare packages of documents for the “alarm suitcase”. Apostille birth և marriage certificates are required in order to establish a kinship abroad. The authenticity of the document is affixed only to the modern type of certificate, the folding book issued in the Soviet Union must be replaced at the nearest registry office. However, in St. Petersburg, the stamp of the coveted certification is placed only at one address, on Furshatskaya. About a thousand people live in line for “For the Apostle” at the same time. To simplify this process, people created a whole system of “social uplift”. The basic rule is that the queue is not for sale.

Goalkeeper իվ Archivist

The pasture of the Furshatskaya register, twenty minutes before the end of the lunch break. There is no visible excitement, ten people are waiting in the yard. Everything is changing, it is worth opening your mouth and asking who was the last to get an apostille. Smiles appear on the faces, in which sympathy is combined with sarcasm. Probably that way the cage fish could smile when he met her.

– Are you applying? A man approaches me with a tablet.


– Do you know our system? How much will it cost you … time?

“Well, in general, the site says five days,” I play foolishly.

-Yes. I say now not on the website, but in life. When you submit the documents, it will be five days. But a living queue is formed to pass them.

I already know that about a thousand people are dying in this queue at the same time. “Sistema” appeared at the beginning of March, when it became clear that there are already 200 names in the queue, they are increasing every day. I was scheduled for June 1st 5 152:. Numbers have been submitted to the documentation department at this time 4 260s. In other words, there was an invisible but very real “tail” in front of me, with 900 people.

Every day, according to the rules of the system, two volunteers are on duty in Furshatskaya: a goalkeeper-archivist. They make sure that the game goes on as usual so that no one gets in their way.

“Voluntary” is the person who has undertaken to enlighten me, at the same time not to let me stumble. His task is to kindly greet the neophyte, to enlighten him about the rules, to queue up, to suggest the necessary hackers of life. The second volunteer, the “list owner”, is in the building և coordinates those who have the opportunity to “pass” today, fixes which numbers have arrived, which are on the way, who have given up the queue or disappeared from the radar. In the regular chat, the owner of the list is advised to love, respect and feed according to the schedule. “If you want to maintain the physical tone of the list owner at work, bring him food at 14:00 or ask for a personal account to transfer money to the card,” says the community regulations.

“The turn is wonderful,” says my “volunteer.” And these words can refer both to the scale of the phenomenon and the degree of self-organization of those involved.

According to the “volunteer”, I have to live on the lists for at least three weeks. On a good day, 60 people pass by Furshatskaya’s cherished department, but this number may decrease, as someone brings one document, and another brings ten at once. Now I have to enter a special chat in the messenger, “carefully follow” the movement of numbers in it. According to Chat’s preliminary forecast, they will be able to submit documents on June 21. 5060s.

If you want, you can change places in the queue, for that a strict algorithm has been created. There is only one golden rule: you can not sell seats in the queue.

You, of course, can not worry at all with this knowledge, take all your pain to the nearest MFC, which will pass the documents to Furshatskaya on their own.

“But it will take about three weeks,” says the volunteer. This does not count the same normative five days that are officially warned at the registration office. Besides, they tell horror stories about MFC. “I presented it that way, as a result the ports were lost, as well as the payment. I had to write complaints everywhere because the MFC type is not responsible for anything է sends to the registry office. In general, not only is there nothing to say about the time, but we also had to look and go to the registration office ourselves. “Then these ports also wanted to transfer to MFC.” At the same time, some people in the chat are asking to leave the queue, because they have decided to do everything through MFC, you submit the documents in 30 minutes, and they promise to be ready in 17 days.

But the system is a system because it has a completely official “elevator”.

“Do you know why I am standing here?” – secretly reports the “volunteer”. – I want to submit the documents faster. You will be on duty for three and a half hours, և you can submit documents on the same day.

You must register in advance for the tour. In the coming days, all the “slots” have already been removed.

Of course, there is an option to submit documents in one day “for the desperate”. The recipe begins as a guide to extracting Koshche’s death. “First, you have to go to any city in the Novgorod region.”

With the opening of a local registration office you have to be in “any city”. Chudovo is not an option, as certificates are issued only through MFC. For example, Malaya Vishera. We get a copy of the certificate there early in the morning. We are going to Veliky Novgorod for an apostille. The level passed.

A closer, longer, similar fitting can be done in the Leningrad region, for example, in Toxovo. The recipe has a significant warning. It has worked in practice, but it can not bring you specific luck. Volunteering in Furshatskaya is somehow more reliable.

And why all this?

Not everyone in line understands when, where they will go, whether they will go at all.

Those who took turns խոսել agreed to talk to Fontanka, honestly say: In any case, they collect a “disturbing suitcase” from the documents. The package includes a passport, apostille marriage certificates, birth certificates, higher education diplomas, and no conviction certificate. It is impossible to supplement for future use only with the latter. It has a shelf life of three months; different countries have different requirements for this document.

Fontanka has already written about the queues to receive or replace a passport. Suffering abroad began in April. Some spent hours in the cold and left with nothing. Many “just in case” the firefighter started to prepare according to the second passport, long before the expiration of the valid passport. The law allows it.

At the same time, in St. Petersburg, a “ten-year passport” containing an electronic medium can be issued only in two MFCs: Ushinsky, 6, light. A, and Novoizmailovsky, 34 sq.m. 2. In all other multifunctional centers, passports are issued on a “regular” basis and are valid for five years.

Interestingly, according to the statistics provided to Fontanka at the GKU “MFC” in St. Petersburg, there is no special excitement in the city for obtaining foreign passports. In March 2022 in St. Petersburg A. 7 731: Application for this document in April – 5 831: May announcement 5 274: announcements. The difference compared to 2021 is significant: in March 2021 there were 4 228:in April – 3 997:In May – 3 624:. But we must remember that 2021 was an epidemic year, the borders of most countries were closed, they stopped releasing people without a vaccination certificate. Before the appearance of the new coronavirus in 2019, the statistics were much more “fat” in March. 10 462: announcements in April – 10 443:In May – 8526 The numbers of all three years discussed reflect a general trend. In March, the number of requests for international passports was significantly higher than in May. This is explained by the fact that in the spring the documents start to be done by those who are preparing in advance for the summer holidays. Few people postpone this lesson until the last month of May.

As for Furshatskaya, Fontanka asked if the St. Petersburg Civil Registry Office was aware of the urgent demand for apostles and what measures were being taken in this regard. They promised to answer within a week.

Venus Gale,

Photo: Sergey Konkov / Kommersant:

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