Land Rover Defender 130 will be released in the third row of seats with exclusive options (video)

Land Rover Defender 130 will be released in the third row of seats with exclusive options (video)

Land Rover adds a new extra long version to its Defender series with 130 index.

Designed for those who need to carry more passengers, this three-row SUV is simply an extended version of the popular 90 և 110 110:. At the same time, its wheelbase remained unchanged at 3,022 mm.

The body of the Defender 130 is 340 mm longer than the 110, all these centimeters are at the back. The total length is 5358 mm. In fact, the Defender box design makes this accessory quite appropriate – natural, providing space for a third row with small trunk seats.

It should be reminded that the two-row Defender 110 has a capacity of about 963 liters with seats “, most of that area was sacrificed to the new third row. The Defender 130 in three rows has only 370 liters of cargo space, but large companies and families will probably find this a worthy compromise.

Moreover, the third row passengers will get not only heated seats, but also their own light roof (you can even add climate control if desired). Traditionally, for Land Rover SUVs, the second և third rows are slightly raised one above the other (amphitheater).

Those who need more cargo space than passenger seats will be offered a five-seater Defender 130 configuration. In this version, the volume of the trunk increases up to an impressive 1328 liters, and the second row folded up to 2515 liters.

In addition, Land Rover has added a new special color – Sedona Red, which is available only in 130. The large 11.4-inch infotainment screen is standard, as is the air suspension for added comfort and off-road capabilities.

Three mild hybrid engines will be available in Europe. Off-road enthusiasts will be happy to know that the diesel Ingenium D300 will remain in the range with 295 horsepower. Back. և 650 Nm of torque. It will also offer two petrol engines: the P300, a 300-horsepower inline-6 ​​engine with 470 Nm of torque, 7.5 seconds at 0-60 mph, the P400, which also uses inline-six but produces is 400 miles. hp. Back. 50 550 Nm of torque. V8 will probably join them in the future.

One thing that will remain unchanged is the Defender’s off-road capability. The angles of the approach եք ramp are exactly the same as the angles of the small Defender 90 և 110. For obvious reasons, only the exit corner was affected, but it remained within the respectable 28.5 degrees. Ford depth has not changed either.

Buyers will be able to choose from four levels of decoration: HSE, X-Dynamic SE, X-Dynamic HSE և X. The only decoration that is unlikely to appear on the open market is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Defender 130. Whether the details of its design are still unknown, it will be put into service with the Red Cross at the end of this year.

Prices in the US start at $ 68,000 for the base P300. The Defender 130 will cost ,8 73,895 in the UK and $ 124,150 in Australia for the D300 diesel.

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