Mint expert Nadezhda Pechenyuk recommends making mint jam

Mint expert Nadezhda Pechenyuk recommends making mint jam

Due to the rise in prices for fruits and berries, not all housewives can make enough jam this year. But that is not a problem, he says. Culinary specialist Nadezhda Pechenyukwhich advises to make it from mint, which everyone must have in the garden or in the garden.


mint – 250 g,

sugar – 1 kg

lemons – 2 pcs

a few sprigs of spinach for a bright color


Mint can be taken directly with the stems, as we will grind, and the aroma of the stems is no different from the leaves. Be sure to wash, then dry.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Then we put all that in the pot, add the spinach, without sugar, cook for 10 minutes, turn off everything, leave this tincture for a day. A day later we strain the mixture of mint and lemon, and the infusion itself needs to be filtered. Only in that case it will be possible to add sugar there, and all this with sugar is already ready.

When the jam is ready, it should be poured into hot sterilized jars and wrapped immediately.

BUT confectioner Natalia Dyachenko During the flower season, he advises to make a delicious jam from them.

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