Nastya Kamensky shares her favorite breakfast recipe | Vogue Ukraine asked her heroines to share their favorite breakfast recipes. The mini-project continues with singer NK. Nastya Kamensky shares recipes for light breakfasts made for the summer.

Granola with natural sheep’s milk yogurt and fresh fruits

This easy-to-cook breakfast contains many healthy and delicious ingredients. I love fruits and vegetables, so I try to add them to every meal. But I always eat fruit only in the morning.


50-100 g granola

50 gm of sheep milk

50-100gm of seasonal fruit/berries


1. Pour the yogurt over the granola. Mix everything well and let it drink.

2. Wash the fruit/berries and cut them into pieces. You can leave it whole if you wish.

3. Mix all ingredients. For sweetening, you can eat a few slices of watermelon or watermelon.

After such a hearty breakfast, a little later (after 20 minutes) I can drink coffee with vegetable milk. I use coconut or almond. Sometimes I can drink tea. The rule of thumb is to have no more than two cups a day and plenty of water.

Oatmeal with fruits and nuts

One of my favorite healthy breakfasts is oatmeal. I admit that I can eat this porridge every day, and I will probably never get tired of it.


100 gm oatmeal

200 ml water

50-100 grams of berries (fruits)

30-50 g of nuts


1. Put the water on the stove and bring it to a boil.

2. Soak oatmeal without salt and sugar. Let it soak.

3. Wash the berries and cut the fruit. If I take an apple or a pear, I like to rub them both.

4. Sprinkle raw nuts (cashews, walnuts or almonds) over the porridge. It is important that the nuts are raw. I also have a little secret – before use, I soak them in water. After that, they are better absorbed, and nutrients act faster.

Combining these products together can make morning porridge extraordinarily tasty and healthy.

seasonal fruits

Sometimes in the summer I want to allow myself to eat only fruits and berries for breakfast. Instead of a thousand different ones, you can eat a few pieces of watermelon, apricot or watermelon. Apricots are a thirst-quenching fruit that also has many other health benefits. I have loved watermelon since childhood. I always associate it with summer and relaxation.


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