Not just the smell.  Restaurants in St. Petersburg develop local cuisine

Not just the smell. Restaurants in St. Petersburg develop local cuisine

A number of anti-COVID restrictions have been eased in St. Petersburg this week, which means that the hospitality industry has received another boost. The 2022 tourist season promises to be hot in any weather. Palaces, bridges, white nights և local cuisine. St. Petersburg is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also a gastronomic one.

During the years of rapid construction in St. Petersburg in the 18th century, food was not enough, agriculture was not developed around the new city, the first foreigners brought food with them. For example, fish, citrus fruits, as well as the novelty of that region – potatoes.

Recipes were also brought with the ingredients. That is why the cuisine of St. Petersburg has absorbed the traditions of French, German, Swedish and Finnish gastronomy. In the book of Ignatius Radetsky alone, 2000 recipes are collected under the knife of the cooks of the Northern capital, reports the observer of the St. Petersburg TV channel.

Among the dishes served in the restaurants of St. Petersburg are buckwheat sterlet, pork with mushrooms և eggs. And from the beginning, this recipe was taken by chef Maxim Vinogradov from the book “The Great Supper of St. Petersburg”, he assumed that the Gachinian trout, not the sterlet, as a fish, but the dish was finalized, is now popular among guests.

The cooks note that the entries from the cookbooks are taken only as a basis. For three centuries, many ways of cooking have appeared, new ingredients have been discovered. At the Gastronomic Assembly, they stressed that local cuisine should become part of the DNA of the city on the Nja, which is an attraction.

“The main tourist product is the unique atmosphere. This is reflected in the combination of a large museum city with a modern, dynamic megalopolis. “It is fully manifested in our kitchen,” said Sergei Korneev, chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee.

Beef strogano, sterlet in sparkling wine, beetroot cookies according to Pushkin’s nanny recipes պ pickle roll with crayfish – something sounds exotic, but only because it is unusual.

“Now, in general, in principle, all cooks are rooted in some products that have disappeared. Moscow has its dishes, traditions, as well as St. Petersburg. “There is also a north-south in Italy where risotto is made from different rice,” explains chef Stanislav Akhmetshin.

Many dishes of St. Petersburg cuisine can not be called fast food. they require “long cooking” the same conscious food. But this is not surprising, as the gastronomic phenomenon originated from the symbiosis of cultures – traditional Russian cuisine – elegant French. Meanwhile, the taste of centuries-old recipes can not be tasted everywhere in St. Petersburg.

“You can organize in an instructive way, to say that it is necessary. But we all know very well that it will not work out that way. We are gradually. “There are now more than 30 restaurants that include St. Petersburg cuisine,” said Yevgeny Grigory, chairman of the St. Petersburg Foreign Relations Committee.

More and more participants are joining the “St. Petersburg Cuisine” project. The historical-gastronomic potential is so great that with its rebirth the northern capital can be famous not only for its aroma թ donut.

Photo և video: St. Petersburg TV channel

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