Okroshka Index. How Much Does Your Favorite Summer Soup Collection in Tver Cost?

Looks like there was no heat yet, but oh, how you want to screw up okroshkin. ..

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Hmmm, ok … we dreamed about him so much. In our cruel countries it is customary to eat okroshka in summer, in the heat. And it does not smell special from the heat, there is no strength to endure anymore. For Russians, this traditional cold soup is almost sacred, for many it will be more desirable than a bottle of kebab. The smell of Okroshka has been familiar to everyone since childhood. Cooking could not be easier. And that is a common benefit for the figure.

And there is a lot of debate about what is the best way to season okroshka. Are you kvass or kefir? There are lovers են they mix summer soup on mineral water.

And what do you run a little with?

And what do you run a little with?

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

“KP” – Tver “has decided to calculate how much it will cost the residents of Tver to eat okroshka for dinner. By the way, some retail chains have announced a reduction in the prices of popular products until the summer. Let’s see. We will choose the most classic, Soviet recipe: potatoes, radishes, cooked sausages, cucumbers, eggs, onions with dill, sour cream with sour cream for dressing. In the price of cunning marketing “99 kopecks”, we will round up to a ruble. Thus, the calculation for 10 doses.


In general, the collection of classic okroshka at the store price of one of the most popular retail chains in the Tver region will cost us 726 rubles a kopeck or 72 rubles 60 kopecks per serving. The amount is 19% less than the national average for May 2022 (prices are taken from a study by CheckIndex portal).

But remember that we are lucky, many products – cucumbers, herbs, potatoes, kvass – were sold during the promotion. And stocks, you know, are volatile businesses.

We decided to compile this “okroshka index” on the last day of spring. Vegetables are cheaper today than in winter, but not everything is worth a penny. There is hope that okroshka will become even cheaper during the summer. And we will check. Follow the posts we make at the end of each month. And good appetite.


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