Parents of preschoolers were satisfied with the adjustment of the menu in the kindergarten in Vologda

Adjustments were made to the kindergarten roster for 10 days after parents appealed to city authorities. Vologda.rf spoke to several parents of preschoolers and found out how children eat now in kindergarten.

It is worth noting that in early April, the menu in kindergartens underwent some changes due to the increase in purchase prices for a number of products. According to experts, it was provoked by the new economic conditions that were observed against the background of the application of Western sanctions. Parents note that the composition of the diet, its weight and calorie content have changed. In this regard, the city administration received complaints that children did not eat enough in preschool institutions.

A meeting of the city general council was devoted to this issue in Vologda, where its members and invited parents were able to taste the menu for a day in kindergarten. Taking into account the calls of parents and specialists, as well as reducing purchase prices for a number of products, the Center for Social Nutrition undertook to correct the menu in kindergarten after the May holidays.

“We removed tea and juices from the second breakfast menu, and added the amount and assortment of fruits, as well as yogurt drinks – biokefir and snowball. For lunch, the children now eat mashed potatoes instead of boiled potatoes, and at the second they add a dish such as poultry goulash ” said Yana Vadenko, director of the Center for Social Nutrition.

Kids now get more milk and fermented milk drinks for afternoon tea. Milk soup was removed from the dinner menu, and, on the contrary, vegetable soup and rice casserole were added.

“I noticed that the child became full after returning home from kindergarten, because he stopped ordering food so much at home in the evenings as before. I do not saturate the children at home with various gourmet dishes, I cook almost everything that they eat in kindergarten. Therefore, they cannot be called picky. It is good that when a problem arose, a dialogue was built between parents and the authorities, and as a result, the menu in kindergarten changed: the afternoon snack was changed, more fruit was added, dinner was diversified, ” Said Natalia Sevolopova, a mother of four children.

Alina Sokolova from Vologda also praised the changes to the menu, which her four-year-old son attends kindergarten.

“The menu was quickly modified after the requests of the parents. I was very pleased that now there are more dairy products and fruits in the children’s diet and tea and porridge have been removed. Now my son is happy, I am very happy. I heard positive comments from an active group of kindergarten parents, As well as from parents whose children go to other kindergartens, “ Alina Sokolova said.

Recall that in Vologda, changes are also made to the school list at the initiative of the Board of Children’s Directors, created in 2020 by decision of the Mayor of Vologda, Sergei Vorobanov. The main task of the council is to monitor the quality of baby food and participate in the formation of the school menu. At the proposal of the Council, more than 10 new dishes were introduced into the diet of schoolchildren, for example, cheese soup, zucchini zucchini, Italian meatballs.


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