Personality horoscope – signs that can not miss their ex

Personality horoscope – signs that can not miss their ex

Separation of lovers is rarely beautiful. Moreover, it happens that the ideal partner in a relationship becomes unbearable for the first one after the separation. However, according to astrologers, some of us can not get past the past, even when we are in a new serious relationship. What signs of the zodiac continue to suffer for the first years for many years, said Rinkvilla.

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Capricorns tend to form alliances with a certain number. The persuasion of parents և friends will not force them to give up a beneficial marriage in favor of great love. At the same time, this sign can have a deep feeling for a person from the past, even imagine about him in a relationship with someone else.


Gemini often listens to the advice of others, who sometimes make cruel jokes with them. According to the parents, getting married, this sign can remember for the rest of their lives the love of the past, which never became their destiny.

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Pisces are emotional in a relationship, they tend to cut off the shoulder. Breaking up a relationship with a loved one in the heat of a passion, this sign will regret its decision for a long time. Pisces, as a rule, do not manage to restore the previous connection, during the separation they often insult their partners. Even after starting a family, this sign can be tormented by lost love, offended by a new life partner.


Cancers are very loyal by nature. At the same time, this sign tends to swing emotionally. In times of crisis in a relationship, Cancer can capture an ex-partner. However, this sign is not capable of betrayal, երեխաների having children in the family, it completely ceases to remember the past.

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