Personality horoscope – Zodiac signs that indicate passive aggression

Personality horoscope – Zodiac signs that indicate passive aggression

Conflicts and arguments are not the most enjoyable process, but they are even easier to endure than the complete disregard for you by your loved one. According to astrologers, such passive aggression is typical of several signs of the zodiac. “Who can drive you crazy with your game of silence?” Said Rinkvilla.

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Pisces tends to be passive-aggressive. They will do anything to make their partner feel terrible, to accidentally hurt their feelings. This is not the healthiest way to talk about relationship issues. To keep a mate, Pisces must learn how to express their feelings with a more environmentally friendly egg.


Cancers are very sensitive and easily discouraged. Their relatives have to face the attacks of mood, self-withdrawal, unwillingness to speak. Cancers act far away when they are hurt or neglected, their calls and messages are ignored. At the same time, this sign is very agile և quickly relieves resentment.


Virgos are quite narcissistic, with thick skin. Hitting this sign is not easy. Virgo uses passive aggression to emerge victorious from an argument or conflict. In addition, this sign often offends loved ones, ignoring calls and messages because of their busy work schedule.


Taurus is usually attentive to the feelings of others, but personal space is still the first priority for them. If Taurus ignores your messages, he or she will probably find you intrusive. Try not to let go of the pressure, to give more freedom to Taurus.

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