Pumpkin soup with bacon is just magical.

Pumpkin soup with bacon is just magical.

The dish turns out to be fragrant and rich in taste.

Belkovich told how to make pumpkin soup, which
Sasha Belkovich. Shot from Sasha Belkovich YouTube show

“Everyone eats.” Sasha Belkovich said about his pumpkin soup. The TV chef shared the secret of Sasha Belkovich’s preparation with his YouTube viewers. And when I tried it, I was surprised by the taste.

“Tender, delicate, very rich,” Belkovic said.

Ingredients for 4 doses. pumpkin – 1 kg without stones, breast – 150 g, garlic – 4 cloves, onion – 1 piece, vegetable oil – 40 g, water – 1 l, cream 22% – 150 ml, cumin – 3 pinches, lemon juice – 1 tea spoon, salt, pepper to taste.


Chop the pumpkin. Thickly chop the garlic and onion into strips. Pour a small amount of oil in the pan և send it to fry the onion. As it is slightly fried, add garlic to it.

Toss the pumpkin on the onion և garlic. When it softens, pour boiling water to cover the vegetables a little. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Make a soup shirt. Cut the breast into large cubes. Cover the pumpkin and reduce the heat.

Put the breast in a dry, preheated pan and immediately add the garlic. Add cumin to the pumpkin.

In the breast – smoked paprika և remove from heat. Just at the last moment, pour the cream into the pumpkin, bring it to the boiling point and take it off the fire. Pepper, salt.

Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the pumpkin. Leave some of the liquid in the tank to control the density. Blend the pumpkin with a blender. Pour the pumpkin soup into a bowl, put the fried breast and a few leaves on it.

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