Recipe for the weekend.  Mung Bean Soup – 4×4 Club Magazine:

Recipe for the weekend. Mung Bean Soup – 4×4 Club Magazine:

Many tales are told about this soup, but in reality everything is much clearer.

While visiting the markets of East Asia:, I did not think about the purpose of dried green beans, which are often mixed with white beans. But when I found myself in the Caracalpa area of ​​the Usturt Plateau, I decided to fill in the gaps in my culinary skills by asking the merchants in detail about this agricultural crop. It turned out that it was mong bean, a variety of beans, with a very rich, unique taste, completely different from beans or peas. They told him what to do with it.

In general, in the Eastern markets you will always see an abundance of beans, cereals, nuts and other such things. One day in the market of one of the villages of Uzbekistan I noticed a very appetizing multicolored mixture էի I was going to buy ել to make some kind of food from it. But while he was asking for the price, trying to figure out how to make it, several women gathered around him, curiously following the intentions of a handsome foreigner in an Australian hat. When I asked what they were so interested in, a grandmother with an intonation used to talk to children simply said: with stew. But mung, of course, is better. And if desired, it can be found not only in Central Asia.


Already in Moscow, after eating nine liters of hot soup without a trace on the rock of a terrible swamp in the terrible heat, I found a bunch of nonsense about a useless mong on reputable culinary sites on the Internet.

So, for example, it is recommended to cook it for 40 minutes, until all the grains explode. Some even recommend soaking it overnight. For what? Twenty minutes later, the grains become soft, like good green peas, and give the soup its unique taste. One can also read that the mung, without being washed, must be fried, then only washed … Fried or what?

By the way, about washing. Uzbek women in national costumes, with whom I was interviewing, were severely warned in the market. they must be washed at least four times as the grains look clean and shiny.

About spices. Of course, you can put turmeric, cumin, cumin, sweet red pepper, whatever comes to your mind. But on the rock of the salt marsh, simple peppers and laurel are enough, which, of course, are always with you. Mash is so fragrant that everything else seems superfluous. In any case, when dealing with an unfamiliar product, find out what it looks like – feel free to rely on intuition – try to prepare familiar dishes.


Unexpectedly, bread crumbs made at the home of an experienced member of one of our brigades in the desert matched well with such a soup.

Drinks. Of course, the local beer will greatly complement the impressions of a bird’s eye view from the rich abundant soup, the deadly heat, from the most beautiful salt marsh with an area of ​​fifty to thirty kilometers. The place, by the way, is quite deadly. You can not survive alone! Only beer calms down a bit.

Immediately after stopping, put the water on the fire. This time I had to cook in two pans, as there was no nine-liter.

Then, as they teach in the market, they wash the puree in four waters. It is not dirty, but very dusty. In the field, in the absence of large containers, it is most convenient to do so in a clean plastic bag with handles. You can always find a package in my car. This once bothered the customs officer at the border with Uzbekistan, he did not understand at all what we were going to pack in these bags.

Since it takes only 20-25 minutes to cook the mung bean, it will take 10-15 minutes to cut the rest of the ingredients. It’s hard to handle with a knife. A good vegetable cutter in the desert will replace a food processor. Chop carrots, onions, potatoes (larger), celery stalks (thin circles) within seconds.

Ten minutes after cooking the mutton, add all the other ingredients, bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes. Add pepper և salt to the already prepared soup. Greens – before serving.

Text by Pavel Razin

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