Small Business News: Learn to do simple and delicious things

Small Business News: Learn to do simple and delicious things

This “recipe” was presented to the participants of the St. Petersburg Food Forum by Andrey Filatov, the owner of the Pskov restaurant, writes the News of Small Business.

One of the sections of the program of the gastronomic association recently held in our city was called “Gastronomical trends and brands: the best experience of two capitals and two regions of Russia”. Andrey Filatov, a well-known restaurateur in Pskov, a member of the Expert Council of the Federation of Restaurants and Hotels of Russia, commented on behalf of the regions of Russia.

He began with an unusual digression into the history of the Pskov land. According to him, while there were wars in Russia in the 14th-15th centuries, the Pskov people simply defended their interests, did not grow anything, made candles, and also made candles, sold them to Europe and, of course, got a game. .

“We decided to start building our business based on historical data. The first thing we did was open the Hansa restaurant, and there is another similar restaurant in Riga. We set up a German settlement, and it became a tourist brand. The people of Pskov came to us, and the tourists came. Now the guest of the restaurant is a different owner,” said the guest of the restaurant a different owner, But it is still cost-effective. – In 2014, we decided to make our own kitchen in restaurants, read the history and realized that there is no purely Pskov cuisine.But if it does not exist, we need to invent it, unexpectedly we found pancakes, and according to the documents, The bread of bread is mentioned in our first books.According to him, even in the “Tale of Igor Campaign” the Pskovets are allegedly mentioned with their bread, the correspondent reported. Small Business News.

“And we realized: here we are – our pancakes. Everyone says that they need money for events. And we did this – first we made ourselves a “Pskov pancake feast”. The initiative gathered and decided to treat each other with pancakes. They invited me to the site near the Kremlin, 15 people came and treated A year later, on the same day, fifty people already gathered with pancakes, then tourists began to arrive, and pancakes were distributed for free.

“Today is a holiday in the city, representatives of education and tourism have already gathered in my office, and we are deciding how to develop this holiday further. We won the presidential grant, we already have excellent support, and it all started with a small chat in a small cafe and we treated each other with pancakes And it became economically profitable. Today, many restaurants in Pskov have pancakes on the menu, many children’s tour groups come to town, and their pancakes “come with a bang.” Adults lead a healthy lifestyle, and children need carbohydrates. This is good for us while they eat. gladly “.

Andrei Filatov criticized the pancakes that are served at the assembly as breakfast in St. Petersburg with the usual additives, saying that in the Pushkin version they should be served with white gooseberry jam.

The owner of the Pskov restaurant aroused the public’s interest with a story about the wonderful culinary specialist … Pushkin. “He is not only a great poet, but also a great cook,” said Andrei Filatov. – Pushkin walked a lot in Trigorskoye, and somehow late, having come to the estate and passing the kitchen, he saw a cast-iron with boiled potatoes on the stove. He was very hungry, threw some firewood, and peeled the potatoes, and fried them in a frying pan, and staying very full, he wrote to a friend: “My friend, you know how delicious potatoes are!”

At that moment, the poet became a major culinary specialist, for the first time secondary heat treatment of the product was used, and many restaurants still serve Potato a la Pushkin. So the roots of this dish are from this story.”

And his third story in the Gastronomic Society was about hunting. “We have Lake Peipus, and there are a lot of commercial fish in it, but there are big obstacles to fishing, as the state cannot decide the nature of the reservoir. But we saw the potential of gastronomic tourism there and opened a path there, as it is a great place to relax,” said the narrator. – The settlement in this place was called Alexandrov Posad, and it was founded by Alexander I. There are two islands on Lake Tulapsky and higher, on the latter a natural park with dunes and pine trees. In general, the history there is from the time of the knights.

According to him, in this restaurant they were initially fed without a menu at all, it was written simply “catch”, since it is impossible to predict the composition of the catch, as well as to guarantee a particular fish dish. “For the past six years, we have been referring to such a situation there – one dish is fish, and the other is not fish,” said Andrey Filatov enthusiastically. – Hunt, for example, a pike – today either slices of it, or cutlets, and tomorrow ear – where else to put the bones. Today this two-storey restaurant is very popular. And most importantly, the islands began to develop, life and business returned there, and the state built two ships to transport tourists there.

And finally, the guest of Pskov gave advice to entrepreneurs: “The idea is simple for a small business – the owner of a restaurateur decided to change the world, and it is important that life changes inside you, so that you want to change the world, then everything will figure out – a solution. The main thing is to love the place where Live in it and slowly research recipes and popularize old dishes. It is true that now people want to eat delicious and not just old food. I want you to learn how to do simple and delicious things.”

And in the end, tell how we differ from the French. One of those from whom he studied said to him: “You want to make it beautiful, but it is more correct to make it delicious.”


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