Sushi glass recipe – how to cook at home

Sushi glass recipe – how to cook at home

Against the background of the war, which has been going on for more than 3 months in our country due to the aggression of the Russian Federation, most Ukrainians have lost part of their income և, respectively, small joys, for example. Go to your favorite Japanese restaurant with your family or a friend. Therefore, many housewives have learned how to cook sushi rice : Prepare this dish at home. theLime shares with you the fastest recipe for making them in a cup.

Ingredients: rice (150 g), avocado (1 piece), cream cheese (200 g), pink salmon (100-200 g), red caviar (100 g), fresh leaves (2 pieces), oyster sauce (1 tablespoon) .), soy sauce (4 tablespoons), wasabi (0.5 tbsp.), sesame oil (1 tbsp.), rice vinegar (2-3 tbsp.), sugar (1 tbsp.). l.), salt (1 teaspoon).

You will also need tall glasses.



Chop the red fish fillet. Pour into a bowl, marinate in sesame oil, oyster sauce.

Chop the avocado, peel it և Cut the meat into small cubes.

Rice can be taken as ordinary or special for sushi. Wash several times in running water until the water becomes transparent.

Pour into a saucepan, fill with water and cook over medium heat until soft. In order for the rice to be crispy, it does not need to be stirred during cooking.

Then prepare the sauce for the rice. Put rice vinegar in a small saucepan, add salt and sugar. Put on the fire and wait until the salt and sugar are dissolved. Pour the sauce into the rice խ mix thoroughly.

Cut the new sheets into small pieces with scissors.

Fill all the ingredients in layers in a glass.

1 – new,

2 – rice

3 – fish

4 – cream cheese (for example, “Philadelphia”),

5 – avocado

6 – new,

7 – rice

8 – red caviar.

For the sauce, mix the soy sauce with the wasabi. We put a straw in the glass and pour the prepared sauce into it, then take it out.

Serve in a delicious sushi cup այել enjoy the taste.


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