Suvorov Orchestra plays Led Zeppelin’s hit at Moscow’s Three Stations Square

Suvorov's orchestra performed in the square of three stations in Moscow.

Suvorov’s orchestra performed in the square of three stations in Moscow.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

On Komsomolskaya Square in central Moscow on Children’s Day, the youngest participants of the Spasskaya Tower Military Music Festival are the Suvorov Orchestra of the Moscow Military Music School, named after Lieutenant General V. Khalilov under the direction of conductor Yuri Ivakhnov, participant in many all-Russian international competitions.

Among other hits of the program, Suvorov’s fourth-year students performed Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. There have been other rock songs, including I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, one of the most popular rock songs of the twentieth century.

In addition, the orchestra played the march “Stroa”, fantasies on the theme of Russian songs, “Kalinka”, “Saber dance”, “Fiesta”.

Muscovites and guests of the capital presented the musicians with long-lasting applause and standing ovations.

The performance became one of the episodes of the “Military Bands in Parks” program. It took place for the sixth time, before the performance of the creative groups of the Russian լավագույն Best Foreign Military Orchestra ում at the Spasskaya Tower Festival. The festival will be held in the center of the capital at the end of summer, from August 26 to September 4.


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