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Liga MX Launches Pro-Education Campaign

To raise awareness of the importance of education, the Voit Lummo, the official ball of Liga MX and Ascenso MX, has undergone a makeover. The light blue color that has been traditionally used to represent Liga MX’s pro-education campaigns has been added to the Lummo’s black-and-pink colorscheme. 

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Liga MX and Voit Present New “Balón por la Educación”

“We join @LIGABancomerMX to create the new ball that will roll for education,” Voit wrote on Twitter.

To raise awareness of illiteracy and to encourage children to remain in school and take their education seriously, Liga MX and Voit have introduced a new ball for the “Balón por la Educación” [The Ball for Education] campaign.

The ball, which will not be commercially produced, will be used during Jornadas 5, 6, 7, and 8, from Friday, August 14th until Sunday, September 13th.

This ball, like the other official match balls for the Apertura 2015 season, is a Voit Dynamo. This version has a slightly different color scheme than the standard Liga MX match ball, in various shades of blue with no contrasting colors.