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Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Week 14

The Disciplinary Committee has suspended three players and one assistant coach in the aftermath of this weekend’s Jornada 14 games.

Michael Pérez of Chivas de Guadalajara was given a one-game suspension for serious foul play, while Juan Ignacio González of León was suspended one game for violent conduct.

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Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Week 10

The Disciplinary Committee has suspended two players in the aftermath of this week’s rescheduled Jornada 10 games.

Francisco Acuña of Puebla and Juan Carlos Núñez of Tijuana were both given one-game suspensions for receiving two yellow cards in the same game.

They will sit out their respective Jornada 14 games this weekend.

Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Week 13

The Disciplinary Committee has suspended four players and one physical trainer in the aftermath of this weekend’s Jornada 13 games.

José Juan Vázquez of León and Adrián Cortés of Puebla were given one-game suspensions for receiving two yellow cards in the same game.

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Novaretti Given 7-Game Suspension

Diego Novaretti will miss the rest of the Clausura 2017 season after a moment of indiscretion in a friendly.

In a friendly game between León and Santos Laguna, held in Chicago during the Liga MX international break, Novaretti was red-carded for pushing referee Rosendo Bermúdez.

The Disciplinary Committee opened an investigation into the incident and concluded that the incident fell under the purview of Article 17 of the Regulation for Sanctions. Novaretti was given a seven-game suspension and fined 35,000 pesos (about $1,870 U.S.).

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Miguel Herrera Given 3-Game Suspension

The Disciplinary Committee has handed Tijuana coach Miguel Herrera a three-game suspension following an investigation into his actions in Jornada 11.

The investigation centered around Herrera’s confrontational interaction with fans during the game between Santos Laguna and Tijuana. It was determined that Herrera violated Article 32 of the Regulation for Sanctions by lacking respect towards or insulting the fans.

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Disciplinary Committee Investigates Novaretti

The Disciplinary Committee has opened an investigation into Diego Novaretti of León following the club’s friendly game against Santos Laguna on March 22nd.

In the friendly, held in Toyota Park in Chicago during Liga MX’s international break, Novaretti pushed referee Rosendo Bermúdez and was promptly red-carded.

León lost the game 4-0.

Based on Article 83, Paragraph 1 of the Regulations for Sanctions, the Disciplinary Committee has indefinitely suspended Novaretti while the investigation Continue reading

Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Week 11

The Disciplinary Committee has suspended five players and one coach in the aftermath of this weekend’s Jornada 11 games.

Miguel Herrera, coach of Tijuana, will be sidelined for the Xolos’ next two games. Herrera was given a one-game suspension for constantly protesting the referee crew’s decisions and another for a lack of respect towards the match officials.

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Appeals Committee Gives Aguilar and Triverio One-Year Suspensions

Enrique Triverio of Toluca and Pablo Aguilar of América will be sidelined for a year after making violent contact with the referees in their respective Copa MX round of sixteen games.

The two were originally given eight- and ten- game suspensions, respectively, for “attempted assault” of the referees. That punishment resulted in a referee strike that saw this weekend’s Jornada 10 games postponed, with the Mexican Referee Association (AMA) noting that the suspensions were not based on the existing regulations for sanctions.

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Referees Appeal Punishments of Triverio and Aguilar

Liga MX has confirmed that the Referees’ Commission has appealed the sanctions imposed on Enrique Triverio of Toluca and Pablo Aguilar of América.

This weekend’s referee strike came in response to the eight-game suspension of Triverio and the ten-game suspension of Aguilar after the two were involved in violent confrontations with referees in the Copa MX round of sixteen.

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Disciplinary Committee Rulings

The Disciplinary Committee has completed its investigations into Rubens Sambueza, Andrés Andrade, Pablo Aguilar, and Enrique Triverio, with three of the four facing long suspensions.

Sambueza and Andrade were involved in plays in Jornada 9 that resulted in serious injury to their opponents (Isaác Brizuela and Renato Ibarra, respectively). For causing harm to an opponent, Sambueza was given an eight-game suspension, which will end his season unless Toluca reaches the playoffs.

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