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Clausura 2017 Relegation Watch: Three Games Remaining

With three games left to play in the Clausura 2017 season, there are four teams still mathematically involved in the relegation fight: Veracruz, Monarcas Morelia, Jaguares de Chiapas, and Puebla.

Current relegation standings:

# Team Points Games Average
15 Puebla 118 99 1.1919
16 Monarcas Morelia 112 99 1.1313
17 Jaguares de Chiapas 112 99 1.1313
18 Veracruz 111 99 1.1212

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Dorados de Sinaloa Relegated

logo Dorados de SinaloaThere are still three games left in the Clausura 2016 season, but Dorados de Sinaloa are mathematically unable to avoid relegation after their 5-2 loss to Tigres UANL in week 14.

Even if Dorados win out, they would still end the season with a lower point-per-game average than Monarcas Morelia – their closest rival in the Tabla de Cociente – would should they lose their remaining three games.

As a result, Dorados will be heading back to Ascenso MX after just one year in the first division.  Continue reading

Tigres UANL vs Dorados de Sinaloa – Jornada 14 Recap and Highlights

tigres doradosDorados de Sinaloa officially bid farewell to the first division with a 5-2 loss to Tigres UANL on Saturday night. The Sinaloans are now mathematically unable to avoid relegation and will be returning to Ascenso MX at the end of the Clausura 2016 season.

Dorados needed to win to have any chance of remaining alive in the relegation fight, but the game got off to a nightmare start for the visitors, who conceded the opening goal in the second minute of the match to Rafael Sobis.  Continue reading

Liga MX Announces Relegation Playoff

liga mxLiga MX has an unusual system of relegation, which is based on teams’ point-per-game averages over the past three years (six seasons), rather than a simple league table.

While that system usually means that only the consistently struggling teams get relegated – with one bad season not enough to drop a team out of the first division – it also means that newly promoted teams, without the buffer of past good seasons to strengthen their PPG average, often drop back into Ascenso MX the season following their promotion (as Leones Negros did in 2015 and Dorados are on the verge of in 2016).  Continue reading

Clausura 2016 Relegation Candidates

liga mx

Liga MX bids farewell to one team a year, with the team at the bottom of the Tabla de Cociente falling down to the second division, Ascenso MX, at the end of each Clausura season.

The way a team is picked for relegation in Mexico is rather unusual, with the team that has earned the lowest point-per-game average over the past three years (six seasons) being relegated. That means the team in last place in the general standings is often not the team in last place in the relegation standings.

So, who are this year’s candidates for relegation? Continue reading

Cruz Azul vs Leones Negros – Jornada 17

cruz azul leones negrosLeones Negros earned a 0-2 win against 10-man Cruz Azul, but not even that victory was enough to save the Universidad de Guadalajara from relegation. To remain in Liga MX, Leones needed not only a win, but also a Puebla loss, and La Franja managed a 2-2 draw with Santos Laguna. The result was also a bitter one for the home team, as the loss eliminated La Máquina from playoff contention.

For about 25 minutes, it looked like Leones Negros might save themselves, as Jonathan González had put them in front at the same time that Puebla was losing to Santos. But Puebla’s comeback took the UdeG’s survival out of their hands, relegating them despite their victory.

González opened the scoring in the Estadio Azul in the 19th minute, when he ran on to a headed pass and shot from between two defenders to beat Jesús Corona. His goal was just Leones’ 12th of the season, with the worst offense in the league beating the defense that had posted five consecutive shutouts to start the season.

Cruz Azul needed to go in search of an equalizer, but they were hard-pressed to generate many dangerous chances. Roque Santa Cruz hit the post, but La Máquina could get no closer than that.

Their task became much harder in the 44th minute, when Christian “Chaco” Giménez was given a straight red card after insulting assistant referee José Luis Camargo. Down to ten men, Cruz Azul looked even less threatening and when González scored again in the 68th minute it was clear that there would be no comeback forthcoming.

However, the two-goal win was not enough for Leones Negros thanks to Puebla’s draw. Although the two ended up with the same point-per-game average of 1.0294, Leones Negros were relegated due to the goal difference tiebreaker.

With this result, the Universidad de Guadalajara bids farewell to the first division after just a single year, while Cruz Azul misses out on the playoffs for the second straight season.

With the 0-2 win, Leones Negros reach 18 points while Cruz Azul remains on 25.



Cruz Azul: José de Jesús Corona, Gerardo Flores, Francisco Rodríguez, Julio César Domínguez, Fausto Pinto, Christian Giménez, Gerardo Torrado, Rafael Baca, Joao Rojas, Alejandro Vela (José Carlos Toffolo 68′), Roque Santa Cruz.

Leones Negros: Humberto Hernández, Marcelo Alatorre, Héctor Reynoso, Leandro Cufré, Félix Araujo, Marc Crosas, Christian Díaz (Jorge Hernández 72′), Luis Fernando Télles, Jonathan González (Jairo González 83′), Juan Anangonó (Fernando Guerrero 62′), Fidel Martínez. 

Santos Laguna vs Puebla – Jornada 17

santos pueblaSantos Laguna needed a win to ensure a spot in the playoffs, while Puebla needed to avoid a loss to guarantee their continued presence in the first division. The two sides split the spoils with a 2-2 draw that keeps La Franja in Liga MX and keeps Santos in the top eight, although the Laguneros are not yet guaranteed a Liguilla berth.

Santos Laguna took the lead through Javier Orozco just before the half-hour mark, with Carlos Izquierdoz playing in a cross that “Chuletita” headed past Rodolfo Cota. That goal sparked a fire underneath Puebla, since their relegation rivals Leones Negros were winning 0-1 against Cruz Azul. The only possible scenario that would have seen Puebla relegated – a loss combined with a Leones Negros win – was in effect.

However, everything changed just before halftime, when Alfonso Tamay pounced on a rebound to level the game at 1-1. After the ball bounced off a Santos defender, it fell to Tamay, who was unmarked at the far post. The Laguneros called for offside, but it wasn’t given and the goal stood.

From that point on, Puebla was in control of the relegation fight. Luis Robles headed home a corner kick in the 51st minute to give the visitors the 1-2 lead, which seemed likely to seal Leones Negros’ fate.

However, a 73rd minute equalizer by Andrés Rentería ensured a nervous end to the game, as once again a single goal would change everything. Rentería’s goal was a stunning piece of marksmanship, as the Colombian scored from an incredibly acute angle, just managing to squeeze the ball inside the post.

The equalizer came just minutes after Puebla’s leading goalscorer, Matías Alustiza, had been subbed out of the game, and “Profe” Cruz responded by sending on another striker, Hérculez Gómez.

Santos threw everything forward in search of the game-winner that would guarantee them a spot in the playoffs, while Puebla worked frantically to prevent the goal that would return them to the Liga de Ascenso.

There was some stoppage time drama when a fan ran on to the field and struck referee Fernando Hernández, but the pitch invader was quickly removed by security and the game was able to resume. Puebla was able to hold on throughout the four minutes of stoppage time, and they celebrated euphorically at the final whistle, with their presence in the first division guaranteed for at least one more year.

With the 2-2 draw, Santos reaches 25 points while Puebla reaches 20.



Santos: Agustín Marchesín, José Javier Abella, Carlos Izquierdoz, Néstor Araujo, Adrián Aldrete (Edson Rivera 71′), Diego Hernán González, Jesús Molina, Néstor Calderón (Alonso Escoboza 52′), Andrés Rentería, Djaniny Tavares, Javier Orozco (Luis Mendoza 62′).

Puebla: Rodolfo Cota, Alberto Acosta (Mauricio Martín Romero 59′), Michael Orozco, Facundo Erpen, Óscar Rojas, Flavio Santos, Luis Noriega, Luis Robles, Alfonso Tamay (Hérculez Goméz 80′), Luis Gabriel Rey, Matías Alustiza (Francisco Torres 70′). 

Leones Negros Relegated

Leones Negros are returning to the Liga de Ascenso after just a single year in Liga MX. The Universidad de Guadalajara won their final first division game, 0-2 against Cruz Azul, but that was not enough to save them as they also needed relegation rivals Puebla to lose their final game, and instead La Franja managed a 2-2 draw.

Leones Negros finished the season in 16th place in the general table with 18 points, and last in the relegation standings with a 1.0294 point-per-game average, the product of 35 points earned in their 34 first division games.

A week-by-week look at the point-per-game averages of the four teams involved in the relegation fight.

A week-by-week look at the point-per-game averages of the four teams involved in the relegation fight.

The UdeG came oh-so-close to saving themselves, and ultimately were relegated due to the goal difference tiebreaker as Puebla also finished the season with a 1.0294 ppg average. Just one more point for them, or one less point for Puebla, and they would still be in the first division.

Relegation Games to Be Played at the Same Time

liga mxWith two games remaining in the season, relegation has come down to Puebla and Leones Negros. Both teams still have the chance to save themselves, and should Jornada 17 – the final week of the season – roll around with the question of relegation still undecided, Puebla and Leones Negros will play their games at the same time.

Liga MX reported the decision with a press release stating, in part, “should… Puebla and Club Universidad de Guadalajara still have the chance to remain in the first division, their games will be played simeultaneously on May 9 at 10:00 PM.”

In the final two games of the season, Puebla will host León and visit Santos Laguna, while Leones Negros will host Veracruz and visit Cruz Azul.

Currently, Puebla has 101 points from 100 games for a point-per-game average of 1.0100. Leones Negros has 32 points from 32 games for a 1.000 average.

What do they need to save themselves?

If Leones Negros get 0-1 points, then Puebla is safe.
If Leones Negros get 2 points, Puebla needs 1*.
If Leones Negros get 3, Puebla needs 4*.
If Leones Negros get 4-6, then Puebla is relegated.

*In the asterisked scenarios, the two teams would have identical point-per-game averages and then it would come down to a tiebreaker, the first of which is goal difference. At the moment, Puebla is -1 and Leones -7 in that respect.


With one game remaining, Puebla has 104 points from 101 games (1.0297 ppg average) while Leones Negros have 32 points from 33 games (0.9697 ppg).

  • If Puebla wins or draws their final game, they are safe.
  • If Puebla loses and Leones Negros loses or draws, Puebla is safe.
  • If Puebla loses and Leones Negros win, Leones are safe.

Clausura 2015 Relegation Candidates

liga mxLiga MX bids farewell to one team a year, with the team at the bottom of the Tabla de Cociente falling down to the second division, the Liga de Ascenso, at the end of each Clausura season.

The way a team is picked for relegation in Mexico is rather unusual, with the team that has earned the lowest point-per-game average over the past three years (six seasons) being relegated. That system means a team with one horrible season isn’t automatically doomed. Rather, a team must be consistently poor in order to  be bounced out of the first division.

So, who are the relegation candidates this year? Veracruz, Leones Negros, and Puebla are tied at the bottom of the Tabla de Cociente with a 1.000 ppg average; just above them is Chivas de Guadalajara, with a 1.0353 average.

# Team Points Games Average
15 Chivas de Guadalajara 88 85 1.0353
16 Puebla 85 85 1.0000
17 Leones Negros 17 17 1.0000
18 Veracruz 51 51 1.0000

Those four are the serious candidates for the drop, with the teams directly above Chivas – Querétaro, Pachuca, and Jaguares de Chiapas – having a significant cushion. Those three all have an average of 1.2588 (107 points from 85 games).

Of the four realistic contenders, Leones Negros, and to a lesser extent Veracruz, have an advantage over Puebla and Chivas de Guadalajara due to their recent promotions to Liga MX. They have a smaller number of games played, which makes their point-per-game averages much more volatile and makes it easier for them to gain ground. Of course, that works the other way as well: a bad run will drop their averages equally quickly.

The Tiburones Rojos will look to the experience they gained last year, when they survived a relegation battle to remain in Liga MX for a second year, as they try to stay up again. The Universidad de Guadalajara team will look to imitate Veracruz’s success and avoid slipping back to the Liga de Ascenso after just a single year in the first division.

Meanwhile, with the volatility of Leones Negros and Veracruz’s averages, Chivas and Puebla will likely focus their efforts on staying ahead of each other. At the moment, Chivas, with 88 points in 85 games, has just a three-point lead on the Poblanos, who have 85 points in 85 games. Chivas has never been relegated, and they will be desperately trying to keep it that way; staying ahead of Puebla will ensure it, regardless of what happens with the other two teams.

All four of these teams have brought in reinforcements ahead of what will be a decisive season, and it remains to be seen which ones will prove effective.

Complete relegation standings after the jump:

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