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Voit Introduces New Ball for Playoffs

The Voit Aspid, the official match ball of Liga MX, will have a new design and color scheme for both the Liga MX playoffs and the final of the Liga de Ascenso.

The ball, with a green and red color scheme and pre-Columbian design elements, is officially known as the “Aspid Limpiemos Neustro México”.

With the “Clean Up Our Mexico” slogan, the ball is intended to raise ecological and environmental awareness and encourage the reduction of littering.

This is the 7th edition of the “Clean Up Our Mexico” campaign, with Liga MX president Decio de María emphasizing the anti-littering slogan, “Put trash in its place”, that is at the heart of the campaign.

The ball will be used throughout the Liga MX Liguilla, which is set to run from May 13th through May 31st, as well as the second leg of the Liga de Ascenso final on May 9th.

Voit Aspid Turns Red to Promote Exercise

The Voit Aspid, the official match ball of Liga MX, will feature a red-and-white color scheme during Jornadas 12-15 of the Clausura 2015. The new colors are part of the “Balón en movimiento” (Ball in Motion) campaign meant to bring awareness to sedentary lifestyles and obesity while promoting exercise.

Liga MX/Ascenso MX, Voit, and Coca-Cola presented the initiative to promote physical activity together, and the red-and-white ball will be used throughout the month of April in both Liga MX and the Liga de Ascenso. The annual campaign is publicized under the slogan “#SeMuevenTodos” – Everyone Moves.

Voit Releases the Official Match Ball of the Clausura 2015

The Voit Aspid, the official ball used in the Apertura 2014, has undergone a bit of a makeover for the Clausura 2015 season. As is customary in winter games around the world, Liga MX will be using a bright yellow ball.

The Voit Aspid Neón will be used in Liga MX, the Liga de Ascenso, and the Copa MX. Like the other Aspids, the Neón is FIFA certified and has such features as aerodynamic resistance, Geometría Geosmart 2.0 inner balance and dynamic dampening for a softer touch. The Neón also uses high-tech material that allows it to absorb ambient light and become even more reflective, making it perfect for use in low-visibility conditions.

Voit Introduces Golden Ball for the Playoffs

The Voit Aspid, the official match ball of Liga MX, has undergone several aesthetic changes over the course of the season, turning light blue in August for the “For Education” Campaign, pink and blue in October for Breast and Prostate Cancer Awareness, and now gold for the playoffs.


The ball was presented with the slogan “Gold is not for everyone… it’s only for the best” and it is officially known as the “Aspid Liguilla 2014”. It will be used throughout the playoffs, from the first legs of the quarterfinals (this Wednesday and Thursday) until the last game of the Gran Final (December 14th).

Voit Aspid Gets Makeover for Cancer Awareness

voit cancerOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Liga MX has supported the pink ribbon campaign for the last eight years. The nets are dyed pink; players wear pink ribbons on their jerseys; the captains wear pink armbands; many goalkeepers wear pink gloves; signs with the “Mes Rosa” [Pink Month] logo and a slogan encouraging breast self-exams are displayed next to each goal.

This year, the league is combining the traditional pink campaign with a blue one to support prostate cancer awareness.

Beginning in Jornada 11 (September 30 – October 2) and continuing through Jornada 14 (October 24 – 26), Liga MX will use a Voit Aspid ball with a blue-and-pink color scheme; opposing captains will wear armbands in those colors, one blue and the other pink; and for the first time, the referee uniforms will also reflect the campaign’s colors.

In addition, the league will carry out an information campaign during the games, as well as encouraging self-exams for breast cancer and blood tests to screen for prostate cancer.

Voit Aspid Introduced as New Liga MX Match Ball

As part of Mexican soccer’s annual week long meeting, where the competition schedule was announced, the groups were set for the domestic cup competition and the draft will be held, the official Apertura 2014 match ball was introduced: the Voit Aspid.


The Voit Aspid will be the official ball of Liga MX, the Liga de Ascenso, and the Copa MX, and is certified and evaluated by FIFA.

Its features include:

  • Dynamic Attenuation, with four layers that ensure stability in its trajectory;
  • Interior balance, which reduces deformation or loss of shape and conserves the initial force of impact;
  • Geometria GEOSMART 20, a new design of geometric shapes that balances the ball’s center of gravity;
  • And a new exterior material, DR-FLUX, which consists of special textured patterning designed so that the ball has better performance both on natural grass and on artificial turf (such as on Tijuana’s field in the Estadio Caliente).

Promotional video (in Spanish):