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Voit Dynamo Turns Orange to Promote Exercise

el futbol se mueve contigoLiga MX will be running a campaign called “El fútbol se mueve contigo” (Soccer moves with you) to promote active lifestyles, particularly among children. With the slogan “Play, jump, dance, walk, run, move and have fun”, the campaign will be in force during Jornadas 13 through 16 in Liga MX and from Jornada 14 through the Liguilla semifinals in Ascenso MX.

The campaign includes a new color scheme for the Voit Dynamo 2.0, the official match ball of the Clausura 2016. The campaign’s color is orange, and Voit has added orange highlights to the Dynamo 2.0 to connect with the campaign: Continue reading

Voit Releases Official Match Ball for the Clausura 2016

Voit has rolled out a new ball for the Liga MX Clausura 2016, an “evolution” of the Dynamo that was used in the Apertura 2015 season called the Dynamo 2.0, with the tagline “Disturb the Game.”

Inspired by the speed of play, we present the new ball of @LigaBancomerMX: #Dynamo #DisturbTheGame

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New Voit Dynamo Introduced for the Apertura 2015 Playoffs

The eight teams competing in the Apertura 2015 Liguilla will play with a special Voit Dynamo introduced specifically for the playoffs.

The dream of being champion starts with the new #InvitadoDeOro, exclusively for the @LIGABancomerMX Liguilla.

The ball features a golden color scheme with symbols that represent honor and achievement, such as laurels.

Officially known as the Dynamo Liguilla, the ball will be used throughout the playoffs, beginning with the first legs of the quarterfinals on November 25th. A limited edition run of 500 balls will be available for purchase.

New Voit Dynamo Introduced for Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the second year, Liga MX’s annual pink-themed campaign for breast cancer awareness is being joined by a blue-themed campaign for prostrate cancer awareness.

We present the #MovimientoAzulyRosa #Dynamo! It will be on the fields in @LigaBancomerMX and @AscensoMX in October. 

To that effect, Liga MX has launched the “Campaña Azul y Rosa”, the Blue and Pink Campaign, to spread awareness of the diseases and promote self-exams and screenings.

The campaign includes a new color scheme for the Voit Dynamo, the official ball of Liga MX and the Liga de Ascenso, which will be in use in both leagues throughout the month of October.

In addition to the ball, the Blue and Pink Campaign will include captain’s armbands and referee uniforms in those colors, as well as posters next to the goals. Each game will include a statement from the captains about the campaign during the pre-game ceremonies.

Liga MX and Voit Present New “Balón por la Educación”

“We join @LIGABancomerMX to create the new ball that will roll for education,” Voit wrote on Twitter.

To raise awareness of illiteracy and to encourage children to remain in school and take their education seriously, Liga MX and Voit have introduced a new ball for the “Balón por la Educación” [The Ball for Education] campaign.

The ball, which will not be commercially produced, will be used during Jornadas 5, 6, 7, and 8, from Friday, August 14th until Sunday, September 13th.

This ball, like the other official match balls for the Apertura 2015 season, is a Voit Dynamo. This version has a slightly different color scheme than the standard Liga MX match ball, in various shades of blue with no contrasting colors.

Voit Dynamo Introduced as New Liga MX Match Ball

voit dynamo
The official ball for the Apertura 2015 has been unveiled: the Voit Dynamo. The Dynamo replaces the Aspid, another Voit ball, and will be the official ball of Liga MX, the Liga de Ascenso, and the Copa MX.

The Dynamo is “inspired by energy” and features dynamic graphics with groups of three-pronged geometric designs, in blue with pink accents.

The ball is more advanced than ever and its features include:

  • Dynamic Attenuation, with four layers that ensure stability in its trajectory;
  • Interior balance, which reduces deformation or loss of shape and conserves the initial force of impact;
  • Geometria GEOSMART 20, a design of geometric shapes that balances the ball’s center of gravity;
  • And Aerodynamic Resistance provided by DR-FLUX technology, which consists of special textured patterning designed so that the ball has better performance both on natural grass and on artificial turf (such as in the Estadio Caliente).

Promotional Video (in Spanish)