The doctor shared a recipe for a healthy and quick breakfast every day

The doctor shared a recipe for a healthy and quick breakfast every day

Yogurt, nuts and berries
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Many people prefer not to waste time preparing breakfast, and for some, the first meal of the day is at a coffee shop. However, many popular breakfast foods like cereal bowls, French toast, pancakes, and bacon do nothing for the body. This view is shared by Monique Tello, MD, from Massachusetts.

The specialist shared her own recipe for a nutritious, balanced and healthy breakfast that won’t take long to prepare. According to Tello, breakfast should consist of the required items:

  • fruits and vegetables;
  • whole grain products (unprocessed);
  • Proteins and healthy fats.

healthy breakfast recipe

Tello uses the following ingredients for breakfast:

  • Frozen fruits or berries.
  • Yogurt;
  • Nuts or seeds (you can also use low-sugar muesli).

The recipe is very simple. You need to thaw several cups of frozen fruit or berries in a bowl (Tello has 3.5 cups), add nuts, seeds or muesli to it, and then season it with yogurt. The specialist pointed out that breakfast contains all the necessary substances in the morning, such as protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Previously, lovers of quick snacks in the morning were offered another option for a healthy breakfast. This breakfast contains protein, calcium and fiber and is quick and easy to prepare.

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