The electric Gelandewagen mastered the turn of the tank.  Epic Video – 4×4 Club Magazine:

The electric Gelandewagen mastered the turn of the tank. Epic Video – 4×4 Club Magazine:

It should be the main point of the new four-engine SUV.

More than two years ago, Rivian unveiled an unusual feature of its R1T pickup truck – the Tank Turn. It allows the electric truck to rotate around its axis all day, preferably on slippery surfaces using four completely independent electric motors. The ability to turn the wheels from side to side in the opposite direction makes this trick possible. Ford, which has invested heavily in the Rivian, is working on a similar feature, and now Mercedes-Benz is launching the electric G-Class, the EQG model. Recently, the car manufacturer showed this trick in a short video.

In it we see an electric G-Wagen, still covered in camouflage, overturning on a sandy surface. A mischievous SUV that retains the same brick dimensions that the G-Class has always been known for, but we’ve never seen it move that way. Moreover, the rotation around its axis is not just a refreshing function for children’s entertainment. Called the G-turn by Mercedes, the tank provides excellent detail in hard-to-reach areas, such as the mall parking lot or in the dense Australian bushes. This should make the electric G-Class more versatile and capable than the SUV we have known all these years. Plus, with four electric motors, it will be even more powerful than today’s AMG G63.

The EQG concept, introduced last year, retains its instantly recognizable character, but adds some fresh detail, such as the animated blue lattice lights. What has not changed is the strength of the ladder.

We learned last week that EQG will use state-of-the-art silicon anode battery technology to provide enough space for homeowners to explore the world around them without worrying about running out of power. Familiar with the exterior, impressive mileage և G-turn features made possible by four independent electric motors, the upcoming EQG will no doubt live up to our expectations.

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