The number of issues has increased in Russia – 4×4 Club Magazine

The number of issues has increased in Russia – 4×4 Club Magazine

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Interior, in March 2022 the number of referrals increased by 22% (compared to February), and only in the first three months of the year – by almost 24%. It is interesting that in 2021 this index, on the contrary, is steadily decreasing.

Experts assume that this is due to the sharp rise in car prices and the lack of spare parts. Do you really need to be an expert to make such a conclusion?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not publish the statistics of the brands, but the insurers claim that the mass sector has the greatest demand among car thieves. This is understandable, the cars in it are mostly cheap, less protected, easier to legalize, and the spare parts vibrate.

The growth is called “non-avalanche”, but, first, 24%, to put it mildly, is a lot, և second, it is most likely due to the uncertainty of the coming months. If the problem of spare parts, և as such, can be solved, the growth will be slow, if not, it can turn into an avalanche., referring to VSK-insurance, claims that the Moscow region has become the leader in thefts, and in the models – Hyundai Santa Fe. And if the first does not raise questions, then the second is probably the statistics of a specific insurance company. Where did the traditional leaders of theft, as always known in the LADA series, go?

The insurer assures that the cost of the policies should not increase, or it also seems doubtful, as the cost of cars and their spare parts has increased significantly. Who will make the difference? Most likely, you will have to remember the experience of the nineties, to renovate more often, rather than change the assemblies, as has been the custom in recent years. Such a scheme has its advantages, հեղինակ The reputation of the profession of car mechanic will certainly increase.

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