The recipe for the gourmet sandwich presented in Salekhard

The recipe for the gourmet sandwich presented in Salekhard

A new fish dish was tasted in Salekhard. This time, chef Maxim Tsiganov made Yamal omul sandwiches, adding his signature delicacy to them.

I added cream cheese stuffed to the fish, which only improved its taste, and decorated it with cloudy paste.

“Such an appetizer would be a great alternative to boring sandwiches with sprats,” he said.

According to the cooking specialist, sandwiches are made in different parts of the world, each of which is evaluated by its taste.

-Unfortunately, fast food or street food have taken root in our country. Of course, the sandwich is not the best food, but you can not cut it off, because the rhythm of life is very fast. Therefore, I made this dish of high quality, not so greasy. I included healthy ingredients in the recipe.

Maxim himself has tried luxurious bruschettas in Yekaterinburg, but still prefers Roman pizza.

According to the chef, Arctic oyster is a unique product, ecologically clean, healthy, very tasty, it is just necessary to include this fish in the diet.


Astonish your taste with an unusual combination. Photo by Vasily Petrov / IA Sever-Press

“In general, I like the combination of cloudy paste with fish, because this berry with a delicate aroma and delicate taste gives an incredible combination,” said Maxim Tsiganov.

Nutritionist Lydia Kvashnina added that champagne is one of the best berries, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains several times more vitamin C than oranges.

“If people start eating more good quality fish – this is the kind of fish we have on the Yamal – they will be healthier,” said the nutritionist.

The organizers promise to continue admiring the new culinary experiments. Next time, the Yamal chef will prepare the sauce of the famous Japanese teriyaki for fried fish.

We add that the event is part of a joint project of Salekhard Fish Factory և Okhota Restaurant to popularize new dishes from northern fish.

Updated: 08:04, May 26, 2022

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