The season of dishes with young nettles – folk recipes – has started in Russia

The season of dishes with young nettles – folk recipes – has started in Russia

In addition to traditional cabbage soup, it can be used to make trendy cream soups and sauces.

For most Russians, the May holidays are the first “real” holidays in the country. Of course, we are not talking about the harvest yet, but the first greens are already splitting, so you can eat them. Young nettles are especially popular among summer residents. If you collect them in time, you can make a wonderful soup with green cabbage, as well as a spring salad or even stew. How to deal with this typical Russian անվճար absolutely free landscaping, MK found out.

Young nettles are not at all the “evil” greens we are accustomed to bypassing with a wide bow for fear of burns. If you collect it in time, do not let it grow, it turns into a completely gastronomic green, no worse than spinach, arugula, sorrel or something like that.

The first բնական completely natural question that amateurs ask – does the nettle “bite”, does not the tongue burn? First, as long as the nettle is young, it is very unlikely. Second, before cooking the nettle should be filled with boiling water, then washed with cold water so that it becomes absolutely edible. An alternative is to work with gloves (if you are going to cook soup in which fresh nettle is thrown).

Whether the name “nettle soup” sounds quite exotic in itself, the cooking algorithm is unlikely to surprise those who are, in principle, oriented in the kitchen. First of all, you need to prepare a typical base for cabbage soup: cook the broth (preferably chicken), add the diced potatoes and leave for 10-15 minutes. When the potatoes are soft, add the onion, carrot, fresh tomato and, after 5 minutes, the finely chopped nettle. After that, the soup should be left on a low heat for 5-7 minutes to soften the nettle stems, then turn off the stove. Gourmets recommend adding a little fresh sorrel (approximately 1: 4 ratio) to the nettle. և Be sure to add a tablespoon of sour cream to the prepared soup so that it is pleasantly sour. Someone likes to add chicken meatballs to such a soup – well, if you need more filling …

By the way, if you want to make the old folk recipe more modern, for example, to feed teenagers who lick the word “shchi”, then this recipe is easy to adapt to make nettle cream soup. There will be two main differences: the use of an immersion blender և less broth. Boil the potatoes, fried onions, carrots and nettle leaves, then pour the broth into a bowl and mix the mass with an immersion blender. Dilute the remaining broth to the desired density and bring to the boil again. You can add cream և serve with crackers.

The modern gastronomic history today adapts the national dishes of different countries to the modern interpretation of Russian cuisine. Nettle is an excellent raw material for such games. It will be useful, for example, for making Russian dacha version of pesto sauce. It will replace the green basil common in Italy. How to do it?

– Pour boiling water on it, then wash about 100 grams of young nettle with cold water. Dry thoroughly.

– Place them in a blender or food processor bowl.

– Add 2-3 cloves of garlic, a handful of walnuts (suitable for cedar or walnuts) և 100 grams of hard cheese.

– Turn on the blender, grind until you get a homogeneous green mass. Then add a couple of tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil, transfer the salt and nettle pesto to a glass jar.

What else can be done with a young nettle? Something – or rather, everything is the same as with any other green. For example, for spicy cookies with a delicious taste, add finely chopped, pre-boiled, then dried nettle to the dough (it can be mixed with other herbs). Another idea is to lightly fry the nettle in a frying pan, add salt, your favorite spices, and then pour over the beaten eggs. It turns out a very healthy spring omelet. You can mix chopped nettle with soft cottage cheese և garlic, it turns out a great paste for sandwiches.

If you want a hot dish, you need to prepare the core of the pie from nettle or just a side dish (for green lovers). Properly fry և stew the grass in a pan, add fried onions, spices և, it is possible. If you like steamed spinach cooked in a similar way, try it. Do you suddenly appreciate the nettle?

Someone likes nettle-based vegetable salad, fresh cucumber, radish, lots of green onions and dill are added to the grass. Fill the mixture with sour cream-mayonnaise mixture in equal proportions, you can add boiled eggs.

Conservative gourmets admit that the nettle itself can not boast of such a bright taste, on the contrary, it is quite watery. Therefore, when preparing dishes with his participation, one should not forget about the additional ingredients of spices: fried onion, pepper, a drop of lemon juice.

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