This comedy with Harrelson won the main prize in Cannes, Serebrennikov was left with nothing

In 2022, the festival in Cannes was allegedly held without the participation of delegations and guests of the Russian Federation. But the Russians were still walking along the red carpet. The drama “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” with the participation of Alena Mikhailova was presented by director Kirill Serebrennikov.

After the performance, the audience greeted Alena Mikhailova և the director with loud applause. But in the end, the film “Tchaikovsky’s wife” was left without an award.

Swedish director Ruben Ostlund became the winner of the Cannes Film Festival. This comedy starring Woody Carlson starring Woody Carlson in “The Triangle of Sorrow” won the Golden Palm Branch.

The Lucas Donne film “Approach” won the Grand Prix of the festival, and one Grand Prix went to director Claire Dennis for the film “Stars of Noon”.

Best Screenplay went to Tariq Saleh (Heaven Boy), Pak Chan-wook for Best Director for Decision to Quit, Jury Prize for Eight Mountains E Eeyore, and South Korean film star Sung Kang for Best Screenplay Best Actor Award – ho (“The Middleman”) Zara Amir Ebrahim won Best Actress for “Holy Spider” The camera was awarded to the authors of the film. “Battle Pony” by Liz Acokan և Romana Gere won the Un Certain Regard Grand Prix.

The closing ceremony was hosted by Virgin Ephira, who also hosted the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. The star of “This Crazy Love”, “White Fang” and other films presented himself to the public in a dress with a Saint Laurent jacket.

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