This GMC Sierra was built to take you to the forest.  Forever – 4×4 Club Magazine

This GMC Sierra was built to take you to the forest. Forever – 4×4 Club Magazine

Does your car have a kitchen ուղ shower?

This GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X has not only a kitchen-shower, but everything you need for a lifelong hike. A total of twelve different manufacturers have supplied equipment for off-road construction. Among them are such well-known names as MagnaFlow, Rhino և Dometic.

The Sierra 1500 was chosen for several reasons. First, it has a powerful 6.2-liter V8 (connected to the MagnaFlow exhaust). Second, spacious, comfortable և functional interior. And third, a very advanced all-wheel drive system with electronic differential locks. You can also add load-adjustable GMC shock absorbers, which are very useful for rough terrain.

The Sierra storage tank has been replaced by a nearly two-meter platform with a 90-centimeter canopy with a 36.5-liter water tank as well as a large storage area. In the same place, inside the canopy, there is a solar panel control on the roof, a small camp kitchen, a shower and a cellar. At the bus stop, passengers can rest in the attached double tent.

The Rhino metal trunk has six extra lights and a lot of gear. Travelers can always stay in touch with the satellite և weBoost mobile signal booster.

Below are 17-inch ICON wheels with Firestone A / T tires that can be inflated with a Viair compressor.

All in all, this is an incredibly wonderful, efficient structure. He probably has a huge price tag, but what does money mean for those who decide to hide from the excited humanity, at least for the weekend?

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