This is the best soup against the pendant on January 1.  How to make Tom Yam

This is the best soup against the pendant on January 1. How to make Tom Yam

Vasily Emelianenko thinks that after the big holiday people will want something liquid in the morning.

Vasily Emelianenko. Shot from “Chef Vasily Emelianenko” YouTube show

During the YouTube show “Chef Vasily Emelianenko”, Vasily Emelianenko invited his viewers to prepare for the New Year and complete the recipe for Thai Tom Yum soup.

“The best soup on January 1 against hangover,” the cook said about him.

It takes only 20 minutes to cook it, says Emelianenko.

Ingredients: Tom Yum paste – 1 sachet, Tom Yum soup base – 2 cans, peeled (chilled) shrimp, caogu mushrooms for Tom Yum soup – 1 pack, cherry tomatoes, coconut milk – 250 ml, avocado oil, filtered water – 800 ml , chili paste (with soybean oil) – 1 tbsp. spoon, cilantro

Pour a little avocado oil in the preheated pan, add Tom Yum paste ակել fry on low heat. Put the base of two jars of soup in a blender bowl, stir at high speed for 30 seconds. Pour the base with the pasta in a saucepan, mix և bring to a boil.

Pour coconut milk into the soup, bring to a boil և add 800 ml of filtered water. Pour some soup into the bowl, dissolve the chili paste in it, pour it back into the pan.

Kao gu mushroom և Cut cherry tomatoes into two parts. Add the mushrooms to the soup, bring to a boil, send the shrimp, and after a minute remove the pan from the heat.

Place the halves of the cherry tomatoes on the bottom of a deep plate և pour the soup.

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