Three easy cake recipes and five breakfast options

November 28, 2021 is Mother’s Day in Russia. As a gift, you can bake a cake with your own hands or prepare a festive breakfast for mom. We publish the simplest recipes for cakes and dishes for Mother’s Day.

Since 1998, Russia has officially celebrated Mother’s Day on November 28. The most difficult question: “What to give for Mother’s Day?”. The best gift for your beloved mother on this day can be a plate or a cake of your own making. “Tsargrad Novosibirsk” chose simple and delicious recipes for cakes for Mother’s Day, which more or less adult children can handle.

Top 3 Mother’s Day Cake Recipes

Meringue ice cream cake

A cake without an oven for Mother’s Day is a real find for inexperienced chefs. This is the easiest and tastiest cake for Mother’s Day. To prepare the cake, you will need 300 grams of meringue, 0.5 liters of heavy cream, 0.5 cans of boiled condensed milk and 200 grams of any nuts.

In a detachable form, covered with parchment, it is necessary to lay the meringue tightly. The cream is whipped to keep its shape, and the boiled condensed milk is gradually added while whipping. Cream can be mixed with nuts, pieces of chocolate and candied fruits. Apply the cream to the meringue. Grind most nuts in a coffee grinder or blender into crumbs. Pour it over the cream. Put the remaining cream on top and pour the nuts after chopping them with a knife. Put it in the freezer for a few hours.

biscuit cake

This cake also does not require baking. For him, you will need a pack of Savoyardi biscuits or “Lady Fingers” biscuits, 5 eggs (yolk), 4 tbsp. to. flour, 200 g butter, 1.5 tbsp. to. Sugar, 1 liter of milk and grated chocolate for decoration.

First you need to prepare the custard. To do this, beat the yolks with sugar, add flour and mix. Pour a little milk into this mass, mix. Put the rest on the stove and let it almost boil. Pour the egg-milk mass into it in a thin stream and cook, stirring, until it begins to gurgle. Remove from heat and add butter and vanilla. When the cream has cooled, begin to separate the biscuits and cream in layers. Sprinkle the last layer of cream with grated chocolate. The cake should be placed in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.

Cake “Napoleon”: simple and fast

You can quickly and easily bake mom’s favorite Napoleon cake from ready-made puff pastry. In the store, you need to buy a box of unleavened puff pastry, defrost and bake each whole slab. Divide the finished cakes into as many layers as possible. While they’re baking, prepare the custard (see recipe above). Grease the final layers of dough with cream. The latter can be sprinkled with nuts. The cake should stand a little to soak in the cream.

5 best breakfast recipes for mom

If mom is on a diet, then instead of a cake, you can prepare a festive Mother’s Day breakfast for her. We will tell you what you can cook for breakfast for mom.

Pancakes for breakfast on Mother’s Day

In honor of the fact that Mother’s Day originated in the United States, you can bake pancakes loved by Americans. There are dozens of different recipes for these pancakes. It can be served with jam, jam, syrup, chocolate, milk or a cup of coffee. You can beautifully decorate it with fruits or berries.

Mother’s Day sandwiches

When there is absolutely no time or cooking skills, you can cook sandwiches for breakfast for mom. Of course, this should not be an ordinary piece of bread with butter and sausage. You can make hot sandwiches, healthy PP sandwiches, Danish smorebuds, etc.

Photo: Timofei Izotov / Russian Look / Globallookpress

Porridge for breakfast on Mother’s Day

There are original breakfast cereal recipes that you can use. Traditional porridge can be turned into a culinary masterpiece and make a great gift for Mother’s Day. You can cook, for example, couscous, amaranth, buckwheat fruit, etc. It is easy to supplement any porridge with fruits, nuts and berries.

Granola or muesli for breakfast on Mother’s Day

These dishes are similar, but differ slightly in taste. You can buy ready-made mixes and serve them with love, or you can make your own granola and muesli. This will require oatmeal, not oatmeal, nuts, honey and candied fruits. You can fill ready-made mixtures with milk, yogurt or juice.

Cheese plates for breakfast on Mother’s Day

You can prepare a variety of dishes from cheese to prepare a festive breakfast for Mother’s Day. From cottage cheese you can make casseroles, cheesecakes, sweet and savory curd balls, various pastries for tea. The simplest festive Mother’s Day breakfast is cottage cheese with caramelized apples. The fruits should be peeled, cut into slices and fried with butter and sugar. Then put them in bowls or even cups, and put the cheese on top. Dessert can be poured with yogurt or syrup.

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