What is the best breakfast – Nutritionist made recipes

Components can be changed at your discretion, but the main thing is the balance and assortment of products. Also, breakfast time! You need to eat 30-40 minutes after getting up.

In the morning, you should not eat foods that cause a jump in hormones: cortisol, stress hormone, insulin. Therefore, it is important not to drink strong coffee and tea on an empty stomach – a glass of warm water is better, with lemon and honey, if you have no contraindications.

Also, the pancreas should not be loaded, so the following are excluded: flour, sweets, fried, curd, pastries and especially rich.

Healthy breakfast options

1. Porridge from cakes and nuts seeds.

for example,

  • the rice
  • almonds,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Flax with dried fruits, berries or fruits of your choice.

2. Only nuts with dried fruits – you can! And you can add baked pumpkin or apple with crumbs of walnuts and raisins, for example! It is just delicious!

What’s the best thing to have for breakfast (Photo: pexels.com)

3. Juices from nuts, seeds and cakes. ⠀

Cake differs from nuts in the degree of its fat content, because it is obtained in the process of pressing oils from seeds or nuts (about 30% of the oil remains in the cake).

Cake retains all the beneficial properties of both oils and fiber. They quickly and correctly saturate the body, stimulate the brain, improve metabolism.

In addition, it is not enough to list the useful properties of A4 paper.

4. Love eggs? Then top with boiled or scrambled eggs with avocado, a light salad or leafy greens.

5. Breakfast with fruits and berries I definitely recommend supplementing with complex carbohydrates, such as porridge or protein.

For example, I like rice porridge with baked or fresh apples, or dried fruits: raisins, dates, dried apricots.


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