What to cook – How to make fish cakes – Fish dishes / HB

What to cook – How to make fish cakes – Fish dishes / HB

In winter, I recommend using the fillet of predators – hatch tar or hatch

When the New Year: Christmas is over, we want clear, understandable food. Refinements and delicacies give way to dishes that can be prepared “quickly” and on a relatively budget, but they are no less delicious for that. Here, for example, meatballs. Sounds ordinary, but if you cook them in nuances, they will become the main treat. And taking into account that there are more than a dozen recipes, variations, types of cutlets, this dish can definitely not be called a key. It all depends on your skill and ability.

Next, I will describe the recipe for delicious meatballs later. And not only delicious, but also fishy, ​​which means that they are easy to digest, and if you cook them for a couple, then dietary. But delicious, I repeat, because my main rule is that food should be delicious, even dietary.

To make such cutlets, we need fresh fish fillets. By freshness I mean the first one, when they caught it and immediately sold it. And they do not hold it, moving it with ice, moisturizing the eyes to make them shine. Freshness is important for fish. Then come only the habitat, the diet, the nutrition, the diversity, the breed. For example, when the water is colder, then the fish is fatter. And the fattier the fish, the tastier it is. And the deeper it lives, the more it tastes. And if it feeds on wild plankton, it becomes even tastier. Well, the breed is also possible. The Chilean bass is rated higher than the Belyaski cross. Although this is not a fact. I’m crazy about fried pots. As for the Patagonian toothpick, which costs 50 kilograms, I think it loses its taste.

But back to the cutlets. Choose fish fillets. Ideally, you should not buy ready-made fillets, but ask the seller to cut your favorite fish. Well, or do it yourself. What fish? A difficult problem. But the first hint is local. In winter, it is best to use predators such as peacock և rose. Just keep in mind that these fish are not very greasy, so their meat is slightly dry in its purest form. Ger – Carp. In Mayaki, a large carp weighing 12-15 kilograms is called pork, և it is true, in terms of fat, it is pork, no less. If you want sweets, use a jar, but getting a fillet from it is another test. There are grass pots, pilanges, mullets, silverware, and dozens of other available species. I’m one of the cutlets made of silver carp. Delicious. I am writing a recipe.


  • Boneless fish fillet – 1 kg
  • Onion – 500 g
  • Butter 82% – 100 g
  • Eggs – 4 pieces. (1 whole և 3 yolks)
  • Mirudia spice – գ teaspoon
  • Salt and pepper – to taste

For garnish: broccoli, zucchini or spinach. For frying: vegetable oil և breadcrumbs or steam.

Step 1:

Let’s make a bow. Yes, strangely enough, fish cakes start with onions and eventually have to be fried over low heat. On low heat. If you hurry, the onion will start to burn. If you take a small dish, the onion will turn tasteless blue, as in the memories of the dining room. But if you do everything right, մեջ in a large pan, the onion slowly withers in the butter, stirring constantly, then in 30-40 minutes you will get a perfect, golden product. Caramel, aromatic, bitter sweet, quite oily. I would call it onion jam. From 0.5 kg of onions you will get 100-150 g of onion jam like this, և believe me, this dish deserves a separate recipe. If the onion is ready, let it cool immediately with the oil in which it was cooked. And let’s move on to the fish.

Step 2:

If you use fish fillets, make sure there are no bones left in them. In general. Yes, removing fish bones will take time, care և special tweezers. Such a small, inexpensive gadget helps cooks a lot. After all, bone removal is a powerful process. And no one wants to find a bone in a cutlet.

After removing the bones, the fish must be cut to pass through a meat grinder.

Step 3:

We release the fish և onion through a meat grinder. But even here there are nuances. The diameter of the hole in the cage should be 4-5 mm. And the second. First we release the fish, then we release this fish for the second time, and only then the fried onion. Passing the fish twice through the meat grinder will insure you from accidentally leaving the fish bones. By the way, some cooks add bun soaked in milk. But this is a matter of taste. I do not use bread in this recipe.

Step 4:

We fill the core. Be sure to add the yolks, whole eggs, salt and pepper. Well, if you are a happy owner of a container of Bessarabic myrrh, the success of the cutlets is definitely guaranteed. The composition of this spice includes mint, dill, catnip – only 10 aromatic plants, but at the same time its smell is not very sharp, so it is very useful in fish cakes.

When the core is seasoned, it is necessary to mix as actively as possible. Even, I would say, beat for 5-6 minutes, so that it will become more homogeneous, the cutlets will not crumble. After that it is necessary to fry a test cutlet. Quite small, but such that by trying, you can determine whether there is enough salt, pepper, spices. When this step is complete, we send the minced meat to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. There it will “catch”, the cutlets will be formed easier not to break or spread.
By the way, if suddenly your core turned liquid, add a couple of tablespoons of grain. It will hardly affect the taste, but it will be easier to make cutlets.

Step 5:

Making fish cakes. There are two options: more dietary և more fat. If the first, then cook for a couple. To do this, pour a little water into the pan (on a few fingers, but so that it does not evaporate after boiling for 15 minutes) լց Pour various fragrant roots և herbs into the water. As they say, what is in the refrigerator. Cover with a sieve or colander and leave on the fire. When the water boils, put the cutlets on a sieve, cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes, until soft.

If you are a fan of richer flavors, cutlets should be baked in bread crumbs, fried until cooked in hot oil. It is desirable on a mixture of oils – butter և vegetables. Both options are beautiful in their own way, you choose according to your taste and mood.

What to submit? I recommend stewed vegetables or fried vegetables. Another very successful addition would be spinach, which is heated in olive oil with a clove of garlic and pine nuts. A light side dish is perfect for this dish.
Bon Appetit!

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