Who are the Tatars? Where are they in Moscow now?

Who are the Tatars? Where are they in Moscow now?

At first, the appetizer was made from raw beef, which was cut into small pieces with a knife, raw egg yolk, olive oil, onion, lead and spices were added. Later he started cooking the dish from other types of meat: goat meat, venison, horse meat; raw fish or seafood. We learned from the cooks of Moscow what Tatar is, how to understand that you ate right.

Alexander Railyan

Ray, Birds և Birds Bodrum Chef

“Tartar is a cold appetizer, which is made from raw meat cut into cubes. The recipe for a classic French tartar usually includes the following ingredients: onion, lead, quail yolk, salt, pepper, olive oil, parsley, onion, Worcestershire, Tobasco or soy sauce. You can also add lemon or lime juice, Japanese vinegar or fresh chili pepper. Serve the tartar with toast, chips or french fries.

Raw meat and fish are not dangerous to eat, the main rule is that the product must be fresh. A good tartar can have a balance of flavors: salt and pepper, spicy acidity.

Andrey Kolodyazhny

The chef of “LES” restaurant.

“Raw snacks are especially popular in recent years. Tartar is prepared in different ways: the dish can be fish, vegetables or even fruits. I like to make wild herb tartar with zucchini, purple, a little dried tomatoes.

I make fruit tart in my own style. Now I make several sauces based on apple, fresh mint and buckwheat honey. From above I cover all this with the “blanket” of agar-agar և oregano.

Details on the topic:

Tartar is a raw meat dish or sauce. Let’s talk about all that

Tartar is a raw meat dish or sauce. Let’s talk about all that

Dmitry Parikov

Brand-chef of “My Fish” restaurant.

“First of all, you must choose a high-quality product. this is always the key to success. We use the highest quality fish, we work only with reliable suppliers: salmon is imported from the Faroe Islands, blue tuna from Indonesia, jars from Murmansk or Sakhalin Island.

The pride of “My Fish” is the Raw Bar, where we make raw snacks under the knife, including ceviche, crudo, sushi. Different sauces make the taste of tartar much more interesting.therefore, we pay special attention to their տարբեր elaboration of different authorial versions.

Until August 22, you can try different French appetizers specially prepared for the Tartar Week festival in 100 restaurants in Moscow. Most of these dishes are not on the main menu.

10 restaurants in Moscow, where you can try interesting types of tartar until the end of the festival.


– 950 rubles from tomatoes, avocados and lead
– 950 rubles from salmon, cucumber and yogurt
– 1150 rubles from basa, peach and mint
– 1150 rubles for beef, whiskey and cabbage
– Beef crispy cannula 1250 rub


– 590 rub with peanuts, artichokes and meadow sweets.
– 490 rubles Marinated from lamb, smoked duck marinated dandelions with pickles
– From spicy figs with olive ice cream, from the roots of grass on the sofa, from rose flowers – 490 rub.


– Beef with cilantro sauce և mint chips 590 rubles
– Salmon with mango sauce 790 rubles
– On the rice chips of three Tatars, with tuna tamarind sauce, beef with cilantro sauce, mint chips, salmon with mango sauce, 620 rubles.


– Beef, straight-shiso sauce 730 rub
– 730 rubles from tuna, watermelon and poncho sauce
– 730 rubles for shrimp, strawberry and green chili sauce
– Salmon, straciatella և miso sauce for 730 rubles


– 490 rubles from carrots, stratiacela և pine nuts
– 490 rubles from beef, parmesan, mustard and sauerkraut
– 246 rubles from salmon և arugula on charcoal
– Beef with mushrooms on a truffle 586 rubles

Sartoria Lamberti

– 950 rubles for bass, ponzo sauce and apples
– 990 rubles for sweet shrimp and artichoke mousse
– 880 rubles from tuna, avocado and shiso sauce
– Sakhalin scarf, broccoli անդ mandarin puree 800 rub.
– Beef, teleggio cheese և garlic mousse – 880 rubles

Coba Hand Roll Bar:

– 820 rubles for yuzu tuna with avocado and sesame
– 690 rubles with apples, kimchi and caviar
– 650 rubles from sweet shrimp with truffles and asparagus
– 1200 rub with crushed avocado and jalapeno pepper from the belly of tuna.


– Beef with cucumber, lead, egg and mustard 990 rubles
– 890 rubles from salmon, cucumber and arugula
– 1300 rubles from mango և olive oil
– Dorado with pink tomatoes, basil and cilantro for 950 rubles

“My fish”

– Tuna with crispy potatoes և tonat sauce
– Fresh truffle, walnut sauce, truffle poncho eyelash
– Salmon with oyster oli naoli, Greek yogurt և wasabi
– Ponzi եզ seasonal tomato oyster oyster


– 1500 rubles from beef, smoked on birch bark, with harissa and Berber spice.
– Tartar with sour cream, almond butter or caviar 2000 rub.
– Strawberry tart with basil, lemon oil and green chili 350 rub.

You can get acquainted with all the proposals of the participants on the festival’s Instagram.

Details on the topic:

Tartar at home. 11 recipes of meat, fish and vegetables from the best chefs in Moscow

Tartar at home. 11 recipes of meat, fish and vegetables from the best chefs in Moscow


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