With rosemary and celery.  The cook gave a fish recipe on the grill

With rosemary and celery. The cook gave a fish recipe on the grill

Grilling is a traditional part of the May holidays. And on long weekends, in order not to gain extra weight, you can grill fish instead of meat. The recipe for juicy and diet fish on the barbecue was shared with the audience “Radio 1” food quality expert, cook Eugene Danko.

“For a start, I recommend buying special fish grills for barbecue. they are like fish են they close. It is more convenient to shoot fish from them than from a large square. “It is practically impossible to fry fish on skewers,” said the expert.

He mentioned that before cooking the fish should be taken out of the intestines, the caps should be removed, but the scales should be left.

“We fill the fish with bunches of fresh herbs, garlic cloves cut in half. Aromatic green herbs are suitable – it can be tarragon, parsley, dill, tarragon. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper inside the fish, you can also add a little butter to make it softer. “And it is desirable to put it on the grill with your back, so that the juice does not flow out, but passes through the back of the fish, to give a richer taste to the meat,” Danko advised.

The fish grill should be placed on the grill when the coals are covered with white ash. And the coal from the fish should be at least 24 centimeters, the expert detailed.

“Keep the fish on one side, then turn it on the other side. And in 12-15 minutes even the biggest fish will be ready. “And if you want juicy, then in case of a good coal burning temperature, ten minutes is enough,” Danko said.

He advised to cook vegetables for fish.

“Celery is great for barbecue. Just do not forget to remove the skin with a special tool – it is sold in stores. Whole small eggplants are also suitable. The whole secret is to keep the skin intact so that the juice does not leak out. And we cook until they touch that condition, very, very soft, and the skin is crispy. Young paprika, Bulgarian wax-colored pepper, is suitable. “And tomatoes will not interfere,” said the cook.

He added that the dish should be seasoned with ground pepper, rosemary crushed in a mortar and sea salt.

“And a guaranteed balanced diet is ready,” Danko concluded.

Earlier, Rostrud reminded that the Russians are waiting for two short weeks in May. At the beginning of the month, the citizens will have a rest from April 30 to May 3, from May 7 to May 10, inclusive.

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