write the recipe.  Your feet will kiss your feet for this pea soup.

write the recipe. Your feet will kiss your feet for this pea soup.

The TV chef knows a lot about this dish, he is always praised by the guests for it.

Aromatic and rich.  How does Evelyn make her smoked pea soup?
Constantine Evl. Frame from the YouTube show Ivlev Chef Channel

Konstantin Yvell told about his culinary Ivlev Chef Channel show on YouTube how delicious it is to make pea soup with his method.

Ingredients: pork ribs w / k – 400 g, onion – 120 g (for broth), carrot – 200 g (for broth), peas – 900 g, water – 3 l, salt / pepper – to taste, bay leaf – 5 pcs. , carrot – 120 g, onion – 120 g, potato – 250 g, vegetable oil – 100 g, butter – 100 g, parsley – 2 g, croutons – as desired.

We cut the ribs. Chop onion and carrot into large pieces. Fry the ribs in your own fat with vegetables for 2 minutes.

Add peas and fill with water. Cook over low heat until the peas are completely cooked (about an hour). Remove the ribs and vegetables, beat the meat and peas with a blender until smooth.

Cut potatoes, carrots and onions into equal cubes. Fry a large amount of vegetables in butter until golden brown. We lean on the sieve to get the oil out of the glass. Add mashed potatoes, fried onions and carrots to the soup. Cook over low heat until ready. Salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle the prepared soup with herbs and, if desired, serve with croutons.

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